Trying to get a joystick to work with Battlefront

Ok… I feel like a noob. I just got Battlefront, and for the life of me I can’t get it to do a damn thing with my Logitech Joystick.

Is there some super-secret mojo I need to lay down?

I used my joystick for the air vehicles but I had to use the logitech profiler software (emulates key presses) to get it to work properly

As the poor SOB who had to cram PC joystick implementation into a game that wasn’t really ready to receive it, I deeply apologize.

As far as i recall though, its a matter of enabling the joystick from the BF menu and then you should be able to just input commands for it like you would the mouse or keyboard. Granted i wasn’t given alot of joysticks to test with so its possible your deadzone is different or yours is one of the joysticks that just didn’t work.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m obviously missing something–where exactly do I enable the joystick? I looked for such an option but couldn’t find it.

Does it work better with a logitech gamepad?