Trying to get oldie (Cyberjudas) going in WinXP--please help

Just bought this game off someone–I’m trying desperately to get it running in WinXP, without success. Anyone have any advice/suggestions?

I tried running it in Dosbox, but I must have done something wrong.

Tried using Compatibility mode on CJ.exe, no luck. I’m dying to play this–anyone have any advice on getting it up and running?

Ok, i tried DOSBOX again–but it tells me “Game CD cannot be found in C drive”. I have the game CD–guess DOSBOX can’t recognize it :(. Any way around this?

This forum might have a solution for you. I’ll also quote it below:

First open dosbox
mount -cd
Find the CD-ROM and the number that matches up with it
then type
mount X: X -t cdrom -usecd Y
X being the drive letter and Y being the number that matches up with it.
Good luck!

Tried it EXACTLY like that–the CDROM drive the CD is in on my computer is Drive E…I get a message “Drive E does not exist”