Twilight Struggle

Yes, looks like that was it, turn 4.

I realize I’m late to the party to complain, but I don’t know how you guys can stand playing multiplayer with the iOS app. You have to wait for the slash screens, login, and last turn animation every time. Horrible! I know it will auto-login in certain cases to speed up that part. It’s still maddening.

I almost want to buy the PC version to make it easier to hop in and out.

I am sorry to tell you it is the exact same on PC. You can leave the PC client open, but it tends to use all the CPU time it can, so it is not very healthy.

There are a few settings to speed things up a bit though. But skipping isn’t a part of them.

Is there no way to tell if your opponent is present while looking at the game board? I know there’s a green dot on the game list screen. This is pretty common for Playdek games so I must be missing something. [EDIT] Oh now I see it just below the icon!

Also, it’s maddening there’s no autocorrect in the chat window.

I’ve only been playing for a short time and I’m already having dreams about the game.

Arise! Anyone interested in some a digital game of TS? I am also greatatlantic on the app, and my preferred set up is just the optional cards, plus bidding for side choice. I won the last tournament hosted on the forum, but I am out of practice and will play any experience level.

Not tonight, and I am going to be camping without my computer starting in a week. But I would be down for a game when I get back.

I am up for an async game, been playing with a couple of friends on the app, we normally play face to face. Not an expert but I can play around blockade!

Sure, Ormus. What’s your user name on the app (or just private message it to me)? I’m greatatlantic there as here.

@CraigM, Sounds good, enjoy your trip and feel free to look me up once you get back.

I would like to participate. I’ve been playing non-stop games with a buddy for a few weeks. I’m Matt_W on the app. (I’m not any good, FYI :)

Invite sent! I look forward to playing you.

I’d happily play any sort of twilight struggle game. My username on there is qm.

I am Ormsie on the app. Accepting any invites for async play. I do play my turns fairly regularly as I keep a copy in the office (ssshhh don’t tell!). Also could play live but needs negotiation (UK time) as my time is very limited.

Paging @Left_Empty who enjoys struggling with his twiglet

I have been thoroughly schooled :) Which I like because I learn more by losing than by winning, so joke’s on you @Greatatlantic. Hah! Thanks for the game. I’m really sorry; I feel like my gameplay fell apart a bit in the last two turns starting from when I played Cuban Missile Crisis for ops instead of as an event. (The combo with Nuclear Subs and realigning you out of Cuba would have allowed me to get rid of the Lone Gunman card clogging up my hand.) But yes, please give me pointers. I need them :)

I’m currently playing another game where the USSR has somehow gained control of every European battlefield and now there’s nothing I can do every AR but spend influence in a futile attempt to try to keep him from winning instantly with the Europe scoring card. It’s a super effective trap I can no longer do anything about.

Hope you had fun at school, Mr W. I enjoyed playing a game again.

Here are something I would have done different.

Putting only two OPs (including Marshall Plan) in Italy made it to soft a target, which I was able to take advantage of. You then took steps to secure Turkey, but USSR in the early war has such an uphill battle to get European domination that I was more than happy to have my 3 battlegrounds to prevent your domination for the rest of the game.

Later, playing De-Colonization gave me access to Africa. Ideally this is a card you hold to turn 3 and then space so it won’t come up again until turn 7, but De-Stalinization wants the same thing. Still, you should have spaced the card during turn 2. Actually, generally you seemed to ignore the space track, so I was able to pick up some VP that way without a lot of competition from you.

You played into Columbia, but didn’t follow through and play into Venezuela. Had you, I probably would have couped Venezuela, but that is one less AR1 coup somewhere else. Instead I was able to later coup Columbia and got presence in South America that way after you successfully kept De-Stalinization out of my hands in the Early War.

I would also say you probably tried to get to much out of Nuclear Submarines. Usually that is a good card to chip away at Soviet Domination or Control in Africa, but when I countered with Latin Death Squads my control of South America was going to be very hard to remove by coups alone, as my follow ups would have been re-alignment had you rolled better. You also ended up couping with cards I was pretty happy to see use that way, for my event or for the absence of your event.

For Love the Bomb, if you were holding Lone Gunmen at that time I would definitely have tried to deal with it at that time. Yeah, you are giving up a coup, but you get more flexibility in your card choice going forward. You might have noticed I used it as an opportunity to get Grain Sales out of my hand at a time I could no longer space two op cards.

Finally, you used Voice of America to strip 1 op from four different Middle East battlegrounds breaking my control. However, I was able to repair that damage quickly enough. That could have been a powerful move had you been holding the scoring card, as after my coup you were free to play it for minimal pain. But you weren’t holding it, so maybe I was, and if so then I would know I could repair the damage whenever. I wasn’t, but I still went for the coup. Instead, You could have removed my two influence in Thailand and two influence in Vietnam and lock me out of that part of Asia. Thailand, until SE Asia scoring happens, is the most valuable battleground in the game as it will score for an extra 2 VP with SE Asia scoring.

Hope these tips help, and @quantum_mechani, I’ll accept your invite somepoint tonight.

As for trap plays, I try to avoid them as good players won’t fall for them, and me as a player would probably pick up some bad habits by relying on them.

I am also being schooled by Greatatlantic but I will survive to endgame scoring, Oh yes I will! This is the first game I have played against someone I don’t know in real life, it’s fun to see some different plays.

You can play me Matt_W, I won’t school you! I am Ormsie on the app.

Thanks for the tips. This one is the one I’ve been learning lately. I tend to think of Europe as my dump stat and I really can’t.

@Ormus, Thanks for the game. I am sorry you didn’t get to see final scoring, but my VP cards came up and I needed to cash in before yours came back around.

Since this was something of a learning game, here are a few observations of what I would have done differently.

You spent the ops to take Spain, Greece, and Turkey in the Early War. That is a lot of influence before I had even bothered to put points in Canada. While that with your Italian coup locked up European domination for some time, you struggled to keep pace in rest of the world. Usually as the Soviets, the more efficient play is to coup Italy, and be happy with denying your opponent domination.

Playing Duck and Cover is almost always bad as the USSR. You lose your AR1 coup, and even worse give the opponent 3 VP. That’s almost the value of European domination right there. I do know you were also holding Bear Trap making yours a very unpleasant hand, but I think I would still rather have stepped into the trap then given my opponent 3 VP. Perhaps as your turn 1 coup. There is the risk you fall into the trap for multiple turns which sucks and is why Quagmire/Bear Trap are my least favorite cards in the game, but you sometimes just have to play the odds.

For the last turn, you held Africa scoring and I knew you held Africa scoring, hence, you should have been throwing nearly everything into stopping me from dominating Africa. Of course, combination of Voice of America and Colonial Rearguard made that difficult, but I did not have a good Ops hand that last round. If I recall, for example, you played SALT for the ops, but you could have used the card to raise defcon and get some coups in, and pull a card like De-Colonization which will let you get some more ops into the continent.

Finally, thanks to SE Asia Scoring and OPEC, most Middle Eastern battlegrounds and especially Thailand are more valuable. Yet, I was able to control almost all of these battle grounds except Saudi Arabia. While securing Thailand is one of my Early War priorities, had you managed to do so then SE Asia scoring would only have been for 1 VP for me instead of 5 VP.

Hope these musings help you play better in the future, and thanks for the game.

Thanks for the tips I learned a lot and will keep trying to improve!