Twitch Prime - It's what it sounds like


Yeah that’s not happening. Without wanting to be the grumpy guy I also didnt realise how much Amazon is charging me now for Prime. Not sure its that good a deal any more for my family. Hmm gonna have to think about that one.


I doubt that is even remotely true. I’d bet PC viewers are the single largest group for Twitch.


I really have no opinion on the ad-free thing… I have no interest in watching streams, and don’t see any reason for that to change.

What’s interesting to me is that I installed the Twitch desktop client to get the several free games they gave away last month. I had thought I was pretty well wedded to steam at this point in my gaming life, but I don’t really mind the twitch client and could see buying games on that platform if they were cheaper than steam in the future.


Free 2 day shipping pays for itself. Every time I think about switching, that part kicks in.


This is really where it’s at.

Also, for me at least, I get charged tax on my “20% off pre-orders” so they come out to $51 and change. Ironically, this change will net me more savings as $10 Amazon credit can go to anything I might want to pick up, even other games, and I’d have bought stuff from Amazon anyway because with free 2-day shipping it’s super, crazy easy to casually pick stuff up, even booster packs of Magic.

I also do most of my gaming on PC, so I’m only going to get really miffed about loosing my 20% discount if GreenManGaming goes under.


It’s the same for me. The client isn’t as nice as Steam’s for organizing and displaying the game list and tracking achievements, but so far the games themselves install and play fine.


Anybody know if we’re getting more free games in September? I usually see some advance stories about what is coming, but now all the stories are about the changes to ad-free viewing or whatever. I hope they’re still doing free games!


Just to answer my own question, it looks like the list is:

Adventure Pals (never heard of it, a positively-reviewed 2d platformer)
Guild of Dungeoneering (already own it)
Gunpoint (ok, I’ll probably try it)
Pumped BMX+ (wha?)
The Original Strife (some kind of Doom/Quake clone?)

So, not the best month. It’s not nothin’!


There can’t be many people who would’ve just bought Gunpoint—a small game from 2013—last month who can now say “Oh no, I should’ve waited!”, but I’m proud to count myself among them!


I’m finding that there are more free twitch prime games I want each month than games I want in the monthly humble bundles (which I always seem to end up pausing). Guild of Dungeoneering and Gunpoint were both on my list to pick up someday.


Since I remembered tonight to update my subscription, a little reminder:

If you have Amazon Prime you have Twitch Prime and can subscribe to tomchick which gives him a few dollars. His twitch channel is fun too. So log in and hook him up.


I usually do Geek and Sundry but I’m a few weeks behind on Critical Role so I’ve been listening on podcasts instead. As such, I have nothing else I’m using the free sub for, so Tom gets it!


Good reminder. Also, I think a person needs to manually renew it each month, which I need to do in about a week.

But again, it’s dollars, not videos. ;-)


Kind of off topic, but I noticed about a week or so ago that I was gifted a $4.99 tier 1 subscription to a streamer that I follow, but don’t currently subscribe to (actually, I don’t really subscribe to anyone, except Tom when I remember to use the Prime monthly sub). No idea why, there’s no note or anything, do these random giveaways just happen sometimes? Not a big deal, just sorta weirds me out.


Yes, people gift these out sometimes when they feel like spending some cash. Sometimes in giant batchs (dozens/hundreds at once).


If you are bad at paying attention to details like me, I discovered today that you can link up to four Twitch accounts to a single Amazon Prime account. I had linked up my son’s account months ago so he could get the various loot, and was sad I couldn’t get the free Overwatch boxes and crap too (not that sad, mind you). Now I can! Yay loot boxes!

Note: Only one free sub each month though


New free games for October:

Darksiders Warmastered Edition (WIN)
Sanitarium (WIN)
System Shock: Enhanced Edition (WIN)


SOMA was fantastic, and with the new story mode you don’t need to stress about being chased by monsters all the time. I actually played it with a hack that did the same thing back in the day. Strongly recommend.


Yes - SOMA is seriously great, even if you’re allergic to walking simulators.


Dang it, I just bought the Darksiders collection at 95% off. I could’ve saved a dollar!