Two-headed Ogres!

I know it’s just an April Fools stunt, but I’d still love to see them go ahead and do this for real. :D

That should be intra-ogre communication, not inter-.

and since we’re nitpicking, that should be multiple personality disorder, not schizophrenia

I think it sounds like a fun idea, but it would be pretty tricky to implement well. They would have to skip the randomness requirement though, even though it might be fun to have the option. I can’t think of anything more romantic than sharing an ogre with your partner.

No wonder geeks can’t find women.

I found this hilarious and mentioned it to a hard-core MMORPG gamer I know.

He, not knowing it was a joke, got all excited and noted that it would make running a buff-bot account on a second machine really easy. Your second head would be your buffbot.

I mentioned the random pairing to him, and he figured he’d keep trying until his buffbot account and his primary head account matched up…

Just goes to show people always come up with ways to work the system!