Um.. the front page

Has anyone noticed that the front page of has been… altered?

Not that I’m complaining, since anything has gotta be more interesting than the five month old news that’s been there for… uh… five months.

I’m not sure when this happened, so apologies in advance if someone else already reported it.

So it looks like it always has to me. What you smoking, wumpus?

why dont they update the front page?

wtf are they waiting for, Christmas? it already passed

what is with the posting slump?

Wasn’t sure where else to post this - just an FYI, I was on the front page just now and three or four video ads all started auto-playing at the same time. Two of them didn’t have a pause or mute option.

Holy Thread Necro Award

12 years must be some kind of record! :-D

Well, just to throw in my two cents, same thing happened to me. Really weird, because it was the same ad, like it was singing a round.

12 years between posts about the front page is about normal.

Yeah, sorry about that. Quite the cacophony, huh? I had the ads pulled as soon as I saw that this morning, but we should be good to go now. No more forced audio, either singly or in groups.


I noticed when I got home for lunch is was all normal again. Thanks!

Out of curiosity I hit up the front page.

Two ads started playing the same audio about 0.2 seconds apart from each other.

Not front page, but just got a talking Iams ad while browsing the forums.

Gah, sorry about this guys. This should definitely NOT be happening. Totally uncool.

We were told automatically playing audio had been removed from the rotation, so if you’re hearing ad audio without clicking on the ad, PLEASE let me know so I can get this nipped in the bud. It also helps if you let me know where you are. Locker K, you’re in Ohio, I see. Shiva, where are you?


Just hit up the front page again and no audio at the moment.

The first time it was some dog food ad. Then I tried it later and it was something else, though I didn’t pay enough attention to figure out what it was that time (and it was only one audio instead of two).

Hey Tom, I’m here in Maryland and there was a Scion ad whose audio was auto playing on the front page for me yesterday morning. Hasn’t happened today though.

Central NC (RDU area) and getting the Iams ad auto-playing on the frontpage amidst a sea of Humble Bundle stuff. It’s in the ad block between the Movie Podcast and Game Reviews widgets on the right column.

FYI - Just had an Iams ad play with audio on the front page (Iowa, 9:40am CST 2/26).

The Finish ad autoplays video but is muted at least.

Iams ads should be blocked now. Please let me know if you hear them again.