Unfrosted (Netflix) - Jerry Seinfeld does breakfast

I get why this group of A-listers got involved - when Jerry Seinfeld calls, you pick up the phone. But why is Jerry Seinfeld doing this in the first place? Does anyone think this looks good?

Of course it will probably be Netflix’s top movie of 2024.

this’ll be a watch during a Friday with a few beers. Maybe more. But beer will be involved.

Looks terrible. Maybe it helps if you’re American.

Looks like relatively free money for Jerry and the cast. Why wouldn’t they do it? This is like the cherry deal Sandler had.

They sure as heck weren’t going to get one of the traditional in-theater studios to pay for it.

Apparently this is something Seinfeld has wanted to do for years, if the rotting corpse of the A.V. Club can be trusted:

If you’re wondering why Seinfeld chose this, of all subjects, for his first outing as a filmmaker, he’s just apparently been obsessed with Pop-Tarts his whole life. According to Tudum, he first mentioned the idea publicly on the Late Show in 2010, and tweeted about it again in 2018. During the pandemic, bored with nothing else to do, he and co-writer Spike Feresten finally said, why not? And thus, Unfrosted was born.

That doesn’t seem accurate somehow?

paging @jpinard , this may be relevant to your interests.

Seinfeld didn’t direct Bee Movie. He did direct this.

I already posted the trailer in his thread, before this one was created. :)

Ah, but he was a co-writer and co-producer as well as a voice artist. It was Jerry’s burning idea and drive about a platonic romantic relationship between a bee and a human woman that (he thought) would light up the silver screen. He went to Steven Spielberg for help realizing his creative vision; Spielberg passed him along to his DreamWorks compatriot Jeffrey Katzenberg. And why not? Katzenberg had championed that previous masterwork about drone insects, romance, and life in the big city, anchored by the vocal talents of a legendary comedian with a penchant for dating much younger women: Antz.

It’s true that on Bee Movie, Seinfeld did not take the role of what cineastes may refer to as an auteur. He may not have worked on the animation rigging, lighting, data storage, vocal direction, shot composition, and so on, ensuring that every frame was his and only his conceptual output. But often, definitionally, a producer is also referred to as a filmmaker.

If Bee Movie had won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Picture (assuming a few premises, such as, but not limited to, if the Animated Best Picture category did not exist, and if that Ratatouille would not have then defeated No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood as well as Bee Movie (possibly replacing Juno?)), Jerry Seinfeld, as producer, would have given the acceptance speech. And so I submit that Unfrosted is not his first foray into filmmaking.

He also did this for Bee Movie at Cannes

This is going to be awesome even if its horrible!

I think the working title was “Sure, we’ll take a check from Netflix!”

It’s tough to pinpoint the most cringe-worthy moment, but I think faux-Cronkite may be it.

Seinfeld directed this? Scorsese must be shitting himself.
(Sorry, The Commitments)

It reads like a pet project from an extremely wealthy comic who loves breakfast and cereal. I probably won’t watch it because I don’t sub to Netflix, but Seinfeld has given me a lifetime of laughs so I hope he enjoyed making it if nothing else.

I’m liking Bill Burr as JFK.

That’s a fantastic cast though. I love all those people except AS.

They should have released this trailer on April 1st just to mess with everyone.