Unity of Command


I didn’t bounce off the original game but I didn’t put nearly as much time into it as it deserved which surprises me because that type of beer and pretzel game is right up my alley.


There’s still time.


Steam page is up:


I loved the first game but I never got the motivation to try the DLC. I’m not sure why. I wishlisted this though.


I think @CraigM wants to see this.


Already have :)

Misgivings about the new art style, that is far less important than the mechanics.


I think that one of the first mods will be to remove the 3D models and replace them with more useful.


I agree


I still don’t understand why they are called “bobbleheads”


They clearly bobble. Push their heads down and let go. Whee!


ok, here are some questions. I have UoC sitting on my hard drive gathering dust and Hearts Of Iron 4 is on sale at the moment. What to do? Is vanilla UoC worth it? How big of a time investment is it to learn the game? Can you win WW2 as the Dutch in HoI 4 ? Which one is “better”?


I found UoC much easier to get into than HOI. It’s simpler and pretty easy to learn. While HOI might be easy once you learn it, there is a steeper learning curve. UoC is also a quicker game, taking 30-60 minutes for a scenario.

It really depends on what you are looking for. I would give UoC a go myself. I had fun until it got too difficult and I got distracted.


UoC is one of my favorite games of the last decade, top 5 really. It also has top notch scenario design, that really takes advantage of the unique focus of the systems.


UoC is pretty easy to understand, but the scenarios can be challenging. You don’t need the DLC at all - they are just extra campaigns. It’s a great game and much less daunting to get into than HoI.


I bounced right off this the first time I played it. I forget off hand, do you just play scenarios or can you run sort of like a random map encounter like I generate for AOW3? I thought of AOW3 because I didn’t like or complete the campaign and love setting up random maps against the AI.


The scenarios are hand crafted. The system design is dynes such that a deliberate and intentional hand is required to get he most.

That said with Red Turn and Black Turn there are quite a few high quality scenarios.


The bobbleheads are sweeping across Europe!


Thanks be to God.


I’m not going to watch that video, but I disagree massively with the title of it! Market Garden showed how massively effective paratroopers could be in suprise and capture.

It also showed how difficult it is to move large amounts of supply down a single, boggy road.


Even historians have to use clickbait titles on YouTube.