Upgrading the HQ, love me some home improvement.

Well then. THERE’s the motivation I need to finally get past tutorial dungeonville.

Yeah I bought that because a friend wanted to try out co-op and man is it not grabbing me. I hate having to motivate myself to play a game.

Evil Genius is kind of cheating, for the same reason I didn’t nominate Dungeon Keeper. Building the base is the main game. The missions are just something you do so you can build a better base.

I think Reign and Serenity tabletop rpgs both cover base building to a good extent if you ever want a prebuilt system that handles it. Of course, I’m sure you already knew those, since your rpg knowledge dwarfs mine. :)

This was actually entirely new to me, but skimming some details online makes it sound pretty neat. I’d heard a lot of good things about Monsters and Other Childish Things, another One Roll Engine game, so I may well give this a read.

At present, for player orgs, I just steal rules from the Mindjammer Fate version, and for the ship stuff I mentioned upthread, I’m mostly just using the Fate Fractal to represent ships as characters and have the crew up the ships’ skills and add stunts/extras to it to “flesh it out” and fill in rooms/tools/weapons/etc. as they go.

But if/when I ever get my infamous JRPG-as-Tabletop-RPG game off the ground, I may well want something more pre-designed. . .

Also forgot to include MAD MAX , there are a few bases you get to upgrade areas of, and its awesome to see them transform.

Wow I forgot Mad Max too. That’s four different bases you can work on upgrading right there.

Dragon Quest Builders or Dark Cloud 2/3?

Anyone know if Watchdogs 2 base upgrades at all? I saw it in a video, but they didn’t talk about upgrading the area.

I know WD1 had that super cool looking trainyard/storage area HQ, that seemed totally wasted as there was almost nothing to do there. :(

No one apparently played Watchdogs 2. :p

Any new games in 2017 have decent base building? I haven’t bought anything new other than Oxygen Not Included, which is a base builder, heh.

Halcyon 6 has decent base building. It follows a similar mechanic to Xcom: you need to clear out areas first and then you can build in the cleared space.

I join you in being curious about Watchdogs 2, lk. It’s in my backlog, and finding out I can upgrade hacker central would get me to move it up and jump in.

I played Watch Dogs to until the end and I don’t remember any base building, so if it’s there it certainly wasn’t memorable to me.

There’s no base building or upgrading in Watch Dogs 2.

Sadness, just like the first WD. :(


Watch Dogs 2, you just go sit there in a corner of my backlog and think about what you’ve done.

WD1 had this awesome train yard / container storage warehouse HQ that you accessed in the most awesome way, it also had an epic amount of screens and a cool hacker setup. What did the developers do with it? There were like 4 cut scenes that played out there as soon as you visited inside the location, and that’s it…

If I was the designer of that HQ , I’d of cried myself to sleep at night, over the wasted potential.

I think we actually talked about this upthread, but man, I just wanted to pop back in and say that I love this little goofball of a game :)

I keep seeing this mentioned. It’s constantly on my Steam recommended list. Did I miss a gem?

It’s super fun!

It’s like oldschool Final Fantasy Turn-Based RPG combat between fucking spaceships with magic powers, mashed up with Star Control esque galaxy hopping and discovering, mushed in with XCOM remake #1 style base building, with research, and goofy alien conversations, and randomization and and and