US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


We’ll have to agree to disagree here. I think it’s needed. You do not.

Edit: I mean, you said it. ABC, folds. CNN, caves. FOX, Trump makes a deal.


I’m sure you and I are basically on the same page. If Trump lies (lol, “if”) then the news ought to say, “Trump lies”. Totally on board with that.


I would agree with you, but I think one side playing the dispassionate news reporter and Fox News being a propaganda outfit on the other forced us into this situation. With the massive success of Fox, you either play the same game or you cede the floor, the latter of which was part of what got us in this mess.

So in a perfect world, yeah, I wish that were the case, but in the flawed one we live in I don’t want to allow only the Trumpists to frame the news.


We good.



I see your point. But I think the anti-Trump news can do better at calling out his lies and hypocrisy without needing to taunt. “Folds” sounds like a taunt. “Trump bullshits again” sounds like the truth.


I’m waiting for the photo of Pelosi’s office showing Trump’s pants tacked to the wall.


Actually the national emergency card is the only way Trump can save face with anyone in this affair. In three weeks Trump declares a national emergency, he says he has found the money somewhere and announces his intentions. He tells his base the only way this can be stopped is by an activist judiciary. The Dems sue to prevent this, and the courts rule in the Dems favor. Trump then announces to the Trumpettes that the reason the wall isn’t going to built is because of the Dems and the Courts. So he will say that it’s not his fault he couldn’t deliver on his promise.


Can’t wait to see Trump’s inevitable tweet about the nine angry activist Democratic Supreme Court justices!


I wish I shared everyone’s confidence that the SC won’t just vote along party lines.

They probably won’t. They certainly shouldn’t. But the group that gave us Citizens United is capable of refucking the country this way. That last line of defense is mostly republicans.


I agree with you, but Roberts did vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act. Twice.


Yep. And I believe it was partly because he didn’t want people to think the court is just another political branch, which is great.

There’s good reason to be optimistic. Just not certain ;) I’m hoping we don’t have to roll those dice.


Anyone with a brain can project what would happen if the Supremes upheld that kind of executive power.

So basically everyone except Trump.


I repeat, impeachin’ season. Hurry up, Mueller.


I’d be okay seeing this harpy ostracized from normal society when this is done.


I take solace in the thought that Sanders will go to her grave knowing that she will only be remembered for being a liar and a willing mouthpiece for this administration.


Trump has signed the funding bill as of about 5 minutes ago. Shutdown over.


Yes, this is precisely the face saving solution I proposed last month. I wondered why he didn’t take the out then as it was such a perfectly Trumpian solution but now I realize that an even more Trumpian solution is to flail about incompetently, inflicting as much harm as humanly possible to yourself, your party and the country as a whole for a month first, then, and only then, fall back onto the bullshit out and declare your defeat a great victory.


I was thinking the same thing. As much as I hate Trump, the news should report the facts instead of sensationalizing it. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Trump is less likely to give in next time with news organizations saying he folded, or was beat by Pelosi.


I’m good with that though. They should make it clear when he lies.


I am not sure the GOP or Trump thinks this will even get to the SCOTUS as the 9th Dostrict gets it first.