US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?



Got to love the framing Fox put on it. He totally didn’t cave, just reached a deal. The best negotiator!


One hopes, but any attempt at treating asylum seekers/Dreamers etc. like human beings is met with cries of “Amnesty!!1!” by the rabid Angry Old White People base, especially if there’s any reasonable talk of a path to citizenship for the Dreamers who are as American (culturally) as anyone else.


The question is, if Trump loses his base, where does that base go? They’re not going to just shrivel up and die, even though it would do everyone the most good if they did. They’re going to pop up again.


Trump is doing the nation a great service by thoroughly discrediting his movement while being ineffectual at leading it. If Clinton had won, the festering anger going behind someone just as evil and more capable (like Ted Cruz) in 2020 would be even more frightening.


The answer is: Trump won’t lose his base for exactly the reason you suggest. There’s no alternative. There might be an opportunity for some mega-asshole to step up and take over the deplorables with promises of never backing down and not getting cucked by Nancy Pelosi, but nobody is there right now.


That’s a great question, and may help explain why Trump could get through this epic misplay more or less intact in a few news cycles.

His base is out there. And Donald Trump legitimizes them, makes them feel big. They need him as much as he needs them.


Say what you will about ABC news. David Muir opening World News tonight:

Trump folds.


I was just coming here to post that I cannot stand the win/lose language in headlines these days.



So… you think it was too biased?


He did cave; I just wish the news would stick to verbs that didn’t sound juvenile and desperate.


My feeling is that he has gotten away with murder for a long time. It’s about time that someone calls it. They need to call him on his lies. And call them lies. Say he folded. Because right after that he said that, he came up with a deal to end the shutdown. Call him out at every turn.


Why don’t you want to see Trump cry on live TV? I think it would only happen in a few rare circumstances, like Ivanka or Hannity turning on him. But I hold out hope.


I hear ya. I don’t think “caves” works as a call out. Maybe…

“Trump is a craven hypocrite”


I’ll try to work that into tomorrow’s 5 o’clock news. :)


“… craven cavin’ Trump”


Ha… and you don’t even have to cite me!

Also, I meant “folds”. The verb “caves” is how CNN is putting it. And even a reporter on NPR used a word like these.

How about describe the news without trying to sound like you’re the Late Show, news?


Wonder if he got some big kicks today…


…and watch your whooollle audience drift away to news sources who do use that language. Pretty sad state of affairs. I think we can add it to the long list of our problems that get severely exacerbated by Trump.