US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Who, who, who and who? Democrats since 2000 have either been wet noodles or charismatic but inexperienced newcomers. It’s why I love Bernie so much. He may be old but he is still a badass!


But I hope Pelosi and AOC keep pwning the GOP like they have been the last few months.



Well, I think we just explained this entire weird postulation about Nancy Pelosi not having enough centenarian friends in congress, anyway.

I mean, don’t theorize that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have her own Rat Pack and then when the members of that group are provided, dismiss it by saying “Well, I’ve never heard of them.” That’s not how this works. :)


You make the mistake of believing any of these people are in possession of a functioning sense of morality or a conscience with which to use it. They are fundamentally broken people, in the most dangerous sense of it, bereft of any of the capacity for compassion that helps rein in the worst animal impulses of our selfish, tribal brains.

But hey, hooray shutdown over!


Ah, sorry. I thought these people were merely associates or members of her staff.


Oh! Sorry for the confusion then; my fault. Nope, they’re other congressmen and congresswomen who’ve served in the House from various districts for a long time, and who are considered to be pretty tight with Ol’ Nancy.

(What’s interesting – and if anyone in Ohio has any insight or dirt, please dish–Marcy Kaptur would seem like a natural Friend Of Nancy, as Kaptur has served in the House for as longer than Pelosi has. But…they seem to be congenial colleagues and that’s it. And Kaptur, for all her seniority, has never really sought out a position in the House Democratic caucus that I can tell. What’s up?)


I’ve always been of the opinion that the assassinations in the '60’s killed hope in this country. There are various books and articles recently that go down that route.

His death had a powerful and immediate effect on the American political psyche, intensified by its proximity to King’s. Why, many people asked, should they continue to pursue change peacefully, through the ballot box and nonviolent protest, when two of the biggest evangelists of that approach had been gunned down?

Shattering the Hope

Robert Kennedy’s assassination reinforced the notion that America was coming apart.

It was a shocking and heartbreaking event for millions of Americans who had placed their hopes in Kennedy as the best person to heal the country. Instead, RFK’s death reinforced the notion that America was coming apart. Divisions were turning to hatred, violence was spreading, and people of goodwill seemed powerless to fix what was wrong. Americans today are worried about polarization and rancor, but things were far worse in 1968.


Yeah, the 68-70s were very chaotic politically. I’m not sure Democrat gains during this period count for as much due to being infused with so much cynicism. Things had turned sour. It’s possible the only reason we didn’t have race riots here in Indy following the death of MLK was because RFK was visiting the city and calmed the crowd down.


Honestly, who could’ve imagined this, even 6 or 7 weeks ago?


The obvious answer to the paper bag mystery:


I was sure she would do a great job. I didn’t imagine that attitudes to her would swing around so quickly and dramatically.

But perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. Trump and his cabinet have an uncanny ability to shoot themselves in the foot, over and over again. Even his ability to think up denigratory nicknames seems to be failing him, now.


This time they shot themselves in the nuts.


I mean, as of right now (and this could change, because politics is dynamic and not static) Trump and his threat to do this again just feels so hollow.

It’s like a guy playing 7-card stud holding 10-high who just tried to bluff out another player holding 4-of-a-kind…constantly and ludicrously raising the pot. And finally the guy with the losing hand calls, and sees his opponent rake the pot.

And then losing hand guy says “You pick up your cards and I’ll pick up mine, and lets bet this same hand all over again.”



Goddamn I swear I just nearly choked on my coffee. :D


A lot of it is that Trump and the current band of GOP are such obvious assholes that someone standing up to them is going to look like a white knight. I wasn’t a huge Pelosi fan, but I am now.


Well, let’s not forget the role of the US’s Vietnam War involvement and the constant lying about its actual chance of success by the Johnson and Nixon Administrations. Then there was Watergate and the evidence that came out later about FBI and CIA abuses.
All that, the assassinations and the white backlash to Brown v Board and attempts to implement it and other civil rights decisions/legislation, and the 1973-4 recession, stagflation that followed and the Revenge of the Right starting in the early 1980s killed hope.


All the sweeter that Republicans are rightly ostracised when they show their snouts in public, it must smart to see a normal politician like Pelosi so openly loved.


I saw it mentioned on one of the news sites, that the shutdown probably cost the economy 6+ billion indirectly.


Well done, moron.