US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Yep, this provides those who will be trying various wall declaration cases in courts a pretty big legal leg to stand upon.


Oh, and procedurally what I’m fascinated in tomorrow is what the final vote count is in the Senate.

These things where a group of Senators cross the aisle typically don’t go by just one vote (McCain’s healthcare vote was the big exception). Normally, the crosover gives other senators some clearance to join in. (Imagine if Heller had any political smarts at all and had done so on the Republican healthcare plan; might’ve saved him.)

By the same token, they want to make sure they don’t get anywhere close to a 2/3rds, or else this becomes a REAL nightmare. So I’m guessing 53 ayes, and 47 nays.


Passing this law, and grandfathering in Trump’s bullshit so that he signs it is fine.

His emergency declaration is going to lose in the courts anyway. If you pass this law, it gives you an even easier way to prevent Trump from doing it again.




Mitt Romney, profile in courage:


Very gutsy, interrupting them mid Big Mac. It is a National Emergency, after all.



So they “reject” it, wtf does that even mean. Does it stop it in any way or is it just some bullshit about being Very Concerned?


Trump has said he will veto it. Obviously. Then what? Do the Republicans have another ~14 defectors to override his veto?


In an op-ed I can’t be bothered to find, it mentioned that having both chambers pass the resolution would be an indication that the national emergency was declared against the will of Congress, and that would serve as one of the facts when the case(s) come up in court-- there wouldn’t be any precedent saying that the emergency declaration was valid.


Yep. If the senate failed to pass the resolution, it would be really unlikely the Court would rule against the declaration (the SC would probably refuse to even consider a challenge).


Though the margin will fall far short of what’s needed to override, it’ll still help the anti-wall side in lawsuits even more if it can be shown that there were majorities beyond party lines voting on this resolution.



LOL at Thom Tillis right now.


People often denigrate the idea that shutdowns kill people, but this is not nothing:


So Thom Tillis – who on February 25th published an Op-ed in the Washington Post announcing that while he was in favor of a wall, but not in favor of a declaration of emergency – has flipped back to NO.

Which is hilarious. You could make an argument that Tillis’ pledge to vote Aye was the tipping point on this.



What? This may be the first time in living memory that both Utah senators were on the right side of an issue.


Cory Gardner sees Heller go down in flames over healthcare vote in 2018, says: “Hold my beer” and doesn’t use the cover given him and votes NO.