US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


As that one comedian says, “Ya can’t fix stupid.”


Moran and Paul are both AYEs. WIth Murkawski and Collins, it should be set.


We’re at 50 ayes.

Booker makes it 51. 38 nays.

Sanders puts it at 52. Now we see if it gets to 55 or 56.


Paul didn’t flip back?
I think another seal of the Apocalypse just broke.


55-38 now. I think the remaining votes but one are nays.


Haha When you made your 53 votes prediction I almost posted “I’m going to say 56 because who knows, maybe this is where a few more Republican senators gain a conscience about what they’re doing to the democracy”


CSPAN says 12 GOP aye votes. So this could be 59 ayes.

No wonder Tillis had to get off the ride. 60 would be a bad, bad look.

It is 59-41. That’s still gonna sting.


So 41 Republicans have now stated for the record that as long as he’s THEIR dictator, they’re fine with the President being able to do effectively whatever he wants.


…including Ernst, McSally, Gardner, and Tillis, who all may be vulnerable in 2020.


Thom Tillis you coward fuck.


You just may have just channeled the thoughts of about 9 Republican Senators there.


Blunt is easily the biggest surprise. He’s as deep red as it gets, and part of the GOP Senate leadership.

Rubio also kind of a shock.


If the Supreme Court lets this declaration stand I would fully support Dems packing the Court with new justices in 2021.



So it is always a tough vote then?


Today he was merely standing on the neck of the Republic.


Tillis is pure fucking scum who should be in prison, not the congress. I’m throwing a goddamn party when he finally shuffles off this mortal coil.


Personal anecdotes - but I have NEVER seen a Senator so disliked in Colorado. This state hates him. He probably realizes that is just going to keep angling for his lobbying gig once he is booted next year.


I’m guessing said party will be…somewhere near his grave?

I think I’m going to invest in some laxative stock. Armando alone will drive the price up, let alone the rest of you guys.


I’m an old fashioned guy. I’ll pour a bottle of good bourbon on their graves. But I’ll pass it through my kidneys first. Better not get too drunk though, don’t want to step in Armando’s tribute.