US should explicitly send settlers!

I don’t even know where to start. The US should reconfigure its army for decades-long occupations of minor powers? The US shoul send permanent settlements to countries it occupies? Fucked up.

It’s not a bad move, actually. They only cost 2 population a piece, and I’m pretty sure that L.A. and New York are at their maximum capacity anyways. So… build some settlers and send them into Iraq so the other civs don’t take the oil. The corruption will be a bitch, but just build a Forbidden Palace and you’ll be fine.

Sure, it’s great when you start. Then you find that you’re in the middle of a war, but the people are clamoring for entertainment and a granery so instead of building up you’re military you’re busy creating Elvii.

Well played, Anax.

Andrew, isn’t a lot of that solved by developing Police Stations or getting Women’s Suffrage? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

Going with a Communist government might help

Raze and settle. Always easier than all that corruption.

And don’t forget all the free workers you can get!

What does any of it matter when an attacking tank can be destroyed by a defending phalanx unit?

Man, I hope they fix this in the sequel. No, wait, I’m not sure I want a sequel.

Hah, if the UN had just turned on the “Cultural Victory” rules, the US would have assimilated the world long ago. But noooooo, we gotta do it the hard way.

That’s a great idea! They used to set up cities with a population of retired soldiers back in the day, didn’t they? Bush could found New Dubia at the Tigris and Cheneytown to control the border to Kurdistan…

Garsh, if only foreign policy were as easy as a 'puter game!

I dunno.

I’ve found Civ3 rather difficult compared to the classic version. Also, inventions and scientific discovery just isn’t as interesting without Sid Meier point it out to you.

Yup it looks like President Bush is going for a space victory and that takes lots and lots of oil.