USB/Firewire Video Capture

Has anyone had any experience with something like this, particularly with a Mac?

I’m looking for one for three reasons. One, I found that I can get one for less than fifty bucks, which turns out to be cheaper than re-buying my pre-recorded VHS movies on DVD. Two, I happen to have on VHS certain things unavailable on DVD, such as Star Wars where Han shoots first. (It’s pretty much the 1977 original, except remastered for THX and with “Episode IV” at the top.)

And three, I’d like to be able to use my laptop as a TV for playing console games. That means I can play my Dreamcast in the bedroom after the kid’s gone to bed. (My laptop also has a much better display than our fifteen-plus-year-old TV.)

Macrovision protection will hose the transfers of commercial VHS tapes.

Dude, I have that on DVD. Did you miss it? They’re probably still available… doesn’t even say Episode IV – it’s truly original, as far as I can tell. It’s the bonus disc in last year’s special edition. Letterboxed (not 16x9 optimized), but meh.

There are ways around that.

So I’ve at least resolved the Dreamcast problem. It turns out we have a Shinoco portable DVD player that has an A/V IN port. So I stuck the DC under the bed (along with an A/V switchbox as a female-to-female RCA converter – expensive, but readily available) and was able to play Skies of Arcadia in bed.


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My only experience has been with Final Cut Pro and other editing software packages. Can’t really speak for USB, but firewire works just fine for it. Occasionally there will some dropped frames on playback, but it’s rare. But I don’t know if that really answers your question based on what you’re describing.