USS McCain collides with merchantman, 10 sailors missing


… The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Seriously though, with morale already in the shitter, this makes any fix for this a very tough thing to do without a complete personnel turnover.


Do we know why morale is so bad in the 7th fleet?


Just from what I’ve heard, skeleton staffing mandating long watches, and unqualified, overpromoted, asshole officers.


A do more with less mindset that permeates all of the services doesn’t help either.


One critique I read is that the Navy used to put junior deck officers through a pretty intense training regimen before their first deployment. But back in the 2000s they got rid of it to save money; instead, it’s a short session and a bunch of CDs they try to cram on their first deployment when they’re already slammed and sleep deprived.

The Navy saved like $15 million. The damage to these two destroyers is easily more than a billion dollars.


The idea of doing something like that to save money is inane. We’re talking about an organization that deals with hundreds of billions of dollars. It’s akin to using duct tape to patch the tires on your Bugatti.


I saw that linked above I think. It is insane. That being said, the deck officer is in charge but there are also enlisted deck crew and any number of them could have called out any warning or issue they may have seen. So, it’s not just the JO they need to worry about, it’s their entire deck crew. Multiple failures.


When everyone is supposed to do one thing, the probability that everyone will assume someone else will do it is pretty high.


I’ve worked for a Fortune 100 company which took two years to repair a bathroom stall in their HQ


Report is out.


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Wow, that’s some kind of Charlie Foxtrot, to be sure. Though I wouldn’t necessarily call it UI confusion, as it’s more just plain confusion. Folks misunderstood orders, the order giver didn’t follow up, when it became apparent something was amiss it turned into a circus. And in the place where the ship was, there wasn’t any room for error really. Ouch indeed.


Yeah, seems like a major failure on the part of the watchstanders. They mention that a portion of this was due to a number of them coming over temporarily from the Antiedam, which had different steering controls, but it’s the job of the captain to make sure that only qualified sailors are driving his ship.


Hope they can avoid any major debacles during this exercise.


So, did any of the ships/airplanes bump into each other? I was envisioning Three Stooges-level antics.



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