UT3 360 anyone?

I know most people who would gravitate to UT3 probably already got it for the PC, but does anyone here plan on picking it up for the 360? I’ve read that Epic might release some of the better community mods and maps as downloadable content in the future. I do like the idea of Xbox Live multiplayer compared to the standard ol’ server picking on the PC.

It seems that the farther this game gets away from its crowded, overlooked holiday 07 release date the more it stands out. Just a quick look at metacritic shows that the PS3 and 360 ports have received more positive reviews than the original PC release. Any theories?

I snagged it tonight and put a good hour or two in. Did 4-player co-op in the campaign online with strangers and the game ran without a hitch. It’s classic UT with prettier visuals. The campaign sorta replaces the ladder system in the older games, but in no real inventive way. Just a lot of added window dressing in terms of cutscenes, dialogue, and “mission selection” but ultimately you are just killing off bots with up to three other friends through various modes…which is a lot more fun than merely doing it solo.

Bots are great, they range from stupid to godlike based on the difficulty setting and fights feel fair and balanced somewhere in the middle.

A couple new guns, a few missing modes(Assault is gone again??!) some new vehicles, and a good 40-50 maps included with the promise of eventual DLC. Oh and it supports split-screen for both on and offline(I think).

There is a specific location in the menus on the 360 for downloadable content. Lets hope they bring the best community and developer made mods and maps to xbox live…for no charge.