Utterly Useless Thing To Celebrate Inside

Somebody Photoshop a toothgap in and we have the Billpocalypse.

That must have taken hours. I love it. I’m going through the links now…good times.

Thanks, guys. I just wanted to do something entertaining. I was trying to match the rhythm of the original song as much as possible, with a few minor exceptions. It’s really what decided who got put in and who didn’t, so I hope nobody feels deliberately excluded.

That was a fun way to start my day here at the sweatshop. Thanks Bill!

The only downside is that I’ve had that gorram song stuck in my head since I read this.

Damn you Bill.


And I won’t lie… part of the reason I’m saying that is because I got name-dropped. Sure it was from a post about goatse, but whatever.

Awesome work Bill.

Man, that’s even worse than I remember it being. Thanks, Raife!

I voted ‘Rocks’ because you used my name in the second verse. Yeah, I’m a cheap date. You should see what I’ll do for a biscuit and a pat on the head.

'Grats, Bill.

  • sniff *

What? No, no, I’m not crying. There’s just something in my eye.

Good, maybe next time I’ll get a part in your dumb song.

Did you, uh, click the link? Not exactly your finest hour. Personally, I would have gone with the bachelor party thread.

I didn’t make it in. Fuck This Thread.

Look, I really really tried for you, man, but Dirt is just a bad homonym.

Nice, although I have to admit I don’t have the rhythm of the song quite perfect in my head to try to sing the song out with the new lyrics. Some of the lines I think are too long or too short but hell, what do I know. In any case, that’s a crazy act of necromancy that must promote you to official QT3 Thread-Lich, status, or some shit.

That’s one lucky doorman! (Take your valtrex!)


Congrats on being that much closer to death! Hope it was all worth it, you sumbitch. ;)

Man Destarius totally called it.

I still want to know which EB.


Linking to old threads isn’t necromancy.

Oh, OK, fine. It’s what, then like the Dia de Los Meurtos? Where you make shrines to dead threads?

BD didn’t post in them, just linked them, but continue to flail around for some kind of a point. It’s actually Thread Anthropology, and every new Quarter to Three denizen should have taken the 101 course to fulfill their credit requirement. This, of course, is graduate-level work.

Man, a lot of those were golden moments. I especially liked Spoofy’s Bush post, although that must have taken some research since it was before Anno Dungsroman.

I dunno, I willed The Most Insensitive Poll Ever back from the dead without actually having to post in it myself. I think Bill is an advanced necromancer.