Saw this is on waxy.org: uweboll.com , and the reason for the plea.

I got a good chuckle out of it, maybe you will too.

Haha, that is great.

The situation is just mindnumbing. Great game dev studios are going under all the time, or are on the verge of it, yet this joker keeps getting millions to make shitty movies based on games. And most of which have no story to speak of in the first place.

But I guess he’s making money and as long as that continues he’ll keep pumping them out. 10-20$mil to make each movie, which then brings in $30million?

What’s amusing is how he keeps on talking about how gamers should be embracing him and these movies, and he just doesn’t get why they don’t.

Wow. Maybe they should lock him and Paul W. S. Anderson (our friend of Mortal Kombat, and Resident Evil as well as AVP) in a room and just throw away the key and forget the way they make videogame movie adaptations.

It even seems like Doom is trying to emulate their “style” of appealing to the fans.

Given what they had to work with, Mortal Kombat wasn’t THAT bad. Now, the sequel? Jesus…

That and AvP is based on a comic book, not a game.

True, but you could argue too that AvP was also a video game series as well.

Throw them in the Cube!

Dunno if this is true, but it’s not entirely unbelievable…



I really, really want him to become the Derek Smart of the movie industry, haunting geek movie boards until the end of time… “None of you APPRECIATE MY WORK!”


As it’s been explained to me by some contacts in the film biz, Boll continues to make movies because he has tons of funding from German investors, who are being incentivized by the German govt to support the film industry. And some of these horrid movies, when you factor in worldwide box office receipts and DVD releases, actually make money.

So if all this is true, it seems unlikely he’s going to stop anytime soon. :(

I can’t laugh. This man has done irrepairable harm to humanity.

House of the Dead did.