V Rising on Steam

Surprised to see we don’t have a thread covering this. It’s by Stunlock Studios (Bloodline Champions and Battlerite)

Top down survival game kinda mmoish. Got lucky on this one and part of the creator program. Game was supposed to be today at 8am EST for early access but has been delayed a few hours.

Here’s the link they sent me.

V Rising on Steam

Here’s a decent overview imo

SkillUp shares his impressions.

available now

edit: playing now on stream, it’s actually much more like Conan/Ark/Valheim feel and I’m digging it so far.

Grrr…stop it! :D

feels odd that night is safe and day is dangerous though. the blood mechanic is pretty interesting to me as well.

Apparently every single streamer is streaming this.

It’s not remotely interesting to watch imo.

I’ve seen steam rising from some V in my time

It is really good! My wife and I played all weekend and still have a lot more to explore and unlock. I just hosted my personal game and she joined in.

It also seems very stable for just into EA, with quite a lot of content. I will have to check the road map, but it seems like quite a full game exactly as it is already.

yeah- what the hell man…!

Thats not fair!

That’s one of the reasons I have held off, the roadmap is practically non-existant, instead i’ts some wishy-washy “we’ll see what the community wants” kind of malarkey. That’s fine, I guess, if there is already a significant chunk of core content, but it’s hard to tell how much content is actually there, this early into EA.

Also, the combat makes it look a bit like enemies have huge HP pools, how have you found it so far?

Yeah I can understand that. I gave it a shot because my wife wanted to play and figured I would tire of it quickly, but even though we downed maybe 6-8 bosses, there are still over 20 to go.

Normal enemies can be dispatched quickly. Most animals take 3-4 hits to kill and most normal humanoids/undead are similar. Maybe what you are seeing are the bosses, which take a little while, but for my wife and I they probably still take less than 5 minutes, depending on the type.

We did pick an easy PvE setting for my local server start, I believe, so keep that in mind. It automatically sets all the settings for an easier game, but the skill level is about right for us.

Also, we changed the day time cycle to be short as the normal was a little bit longer than we wanted. I don’t mind a 5 minute or so day cycle where you have to be extra careful, but early on waiting for a lot longer than that to do much of anything was a little too much for us.

My friends and I popped up a quick server of this this weekend as well, and it’s got its hooks into us. So far for the price there is a ton of content here. It is also pretty darn stable and I was not expecting that. I would describe it as a survival craftable arpg thing? The combat is very ARPG ala Torchlight or Diablo although with less density and more strategy with the mobs. The building is exactly what you would expect of a survival open world type game, with a lot of decorations and additions that you unlock over time by playing. There are a couple things I like about this game:

  • Combat feels a lot more deliberate then a typical ARPG. If you wade into the middle of a pile of bad guys expecting to spin to win, you are going to die.
  • Bosses for the most part are varied and fun. There are some cookie cutter bosses, but many of them have their own thing going on, and without spoiling anything, there are some nifty twists to several of them.
  • The Daylight mechanic - The brilliance of this comes out once you are down to the last 25% of a tough boss, and the sun comes up, and now you are having to fend off the boss, his minions, and stick to the shadows along with not dying. It is a blast when you pull it off =)
  • The added vampire powers are very cool. Not just your combat powers, but your ability to change forms, to enthrall people, to manipulate blood is all cool additions to the survival craft formula
  • Speaking of blood, that is another cool mechanic. You need blood in order to survive, but early on you learn that not all humans are equal. Some of them have rare “better” blood and by finding better pray, you actually get more benefits. The quality of the blood isn’t level based, it’s RNG and you need to be paying attention to it early on because it can make quite the difference in your play. Also different humans provide for different bonuses, so match the blood with what you are working on that night.

We are running on a PvE private server so I can’t comment on the PvP, but from what I gather it is small squad (2-4) base breaches and open world combat.

The cool thing about this mechanic is that at some point you’ll run low on blood and you’ll have to decide if you want to take a lower % blood (and lose some bonuses) or try and survive as long as you can on the higher quality blood (or switch blood types for different set of bonuses).

It’s direct control though isn’t it? Like their previous game Battlerite? That interests me a lot more than the typical PC ARPG indirect control scheme.

Yes, direct control (WASD + aiming with mouse) - no controller support, however.

I’m on Official PvE 4029 as well as on a friend’s private server. combat is pretty rewarding and feels like skill matters. I still struggle with mouse controls when having to pan the camera during a fight though.

Combat controls more like a MOBA with a generous slice of ARPG than anything (hooray, acronyms)

I quite like the game, I like that resource gathering is relatively quick, and it’s easy to get a base up and running; even a castle, once you’ve unlocked the parts for it. Walls, a door, flooring and boom, base shielded from sunlight assembled.
I bounced right off Valheim but am enjoying this, despite the terrible name.

got a link for discounts on server rental as well as some keys for giveaway on my next vrising stream.

discount is here: Server rental 25% off

Nice, post a note in the streaming thread when you are on again. ;)