Valkyria Chronicles 4 confirmed

Woohoo!. The rumours were true. 10 February release in Japan. Also a remaster of the original, but I’m not sure that will be any different to the PC version.

Don’t hold your breath for a PC release. Remember #3.

Just because many years later they release what i’ve heard is a crap port to PC, does not mean much.

I played VC and had no trouble with it (and thought it was a rather fantastic game in fact) and would love to see them port the new one to PC in the west.

I seem to recall at the time it was released on PC SEGA came out indicating they were blown away by the response the game got, so they may well be inclined to release this one on PC as well. Would love to see it.

Sega was also the one who moved the 2nd one to the PSP (limiting what they could do with the game) and then decided not to localize the 3rd one.

Pretty much my thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed VC on PC. No issues to speak of, though it controls far better with a gamepad.

Not sure where you heard that. It’s a great port.

VC is awesome, in every way. Would happily play another one.

Huh, the second one does not feel limited at all.

The only reason maps are divided into multiple instances in VC2 is due to system limitations on the PSP. They also abandoned the CANVAS Engine since there was no way that would fly on the hardware.

Huh, interesting to know, thanks!

VC2 being a PSP game was an ill-advised business decision from Sega execs deciding they could appeal to teenage girls with their serious-business faux-historical tactics game. VC3 being there as well was simply inertia, and then that not getting an English release was a no-brainer when the PSP was long dead in the west by that point.

I’d actually argue that making a relatively niche game like VC4 a PS4 exclusive is a much worse business decision than what happened with VC2, though! At this point, appealing solely to the PS4 install base in Japan is a great way to cripple sales and ensure the game is as much of a flop on launch over there as VC1 was over here.

This, so much this.

Very small maps without much detail to them that are used multiple times in generic, ultra bland missions. You could argue that this was because of limited budget instead of limitations on the PSP console i suppose though. I’m not sure whether that is true or not. Either way, VC2 was a huge disappointment after VC1.

This is sounding far less interesting. Rather than a proper new Valkyria Chronicles game, the new game is a more ordinary JRPG with a similar but distinctly different setting. Less “alternate-reality World War I with a goofy resource,” more “we’re not even pretending this isn’t magic anymore.”

Ah crap.

I’d still play it just because the game design mechanics really struck a cord with me, I’ve not run across many games like this. The combo of movement AP across the map with turn based actions is just some damn good fun if you ask me.

The question is wether they’d keep that. I’m in if the mechanics remain similar, but if they go towards standard JRPG, I might pass…

Sounds like the answer is “no,” according to the article. It’s a real-time action RPG:

Oh, well if we’re talking real time that pretty much removes all the charm for me, I tolerated the setting for the sake of the gameplay.

This in my opinion misses the entire point as to why VC was a successful port to PC earlier this year.

Sigh, leave it to SEGA to snatch defeat from victory. And here I thought they already had all of their time committed to slowly ruining CA, apparently not.

They say this about the changes to the world…

…but it sounds like it also applies to the games themselves. Namely, this is the first installment of a related but separate series, not a sequel to VC.

Huh. So they’re Shin Megami Tensei-ing it. Probably makes sense from a business perspective.