Valve announces Artifact, finally jumps into virtual collectible card gaming


Creep placement is random. You choose where the heroes go.

Edit: if you’re completely new to the game, I recommend watching this Day9 video:


I don’t think that’s what they’re asking. You choose which lane the heroes go in but not where they go in the lane.


Ah, if there are no direct blocking slots open, it’s random if they go left or right (both creeps and heroes).


So what kind of decks are you guys playing?

I’ve built a pure black gold deck which so far is 3 for 3 online, I am pretty happy with it but ramping gold is a pretty obvious thing to build a deck around. I really love crafting a deck in this game, seeing an unowned card that would really complement what I am trying to do, and then realising it’s on the market for 10-50 cents! I know I bitch about hearthstone alot in this thread, but geez it was depressing trying to make good decks in that game and seeing all the legendaries that the netdecks wanted you add.


I beg to differ. When I played HS I played on both a free and paid account, I did just as well on the free account as the paid one. Of course, the paid one gave you much more options, but that’s the case here as well. The more you pay the more options you have. In fact, I feel I have almost no options unless I spend a lot of money here (which is why I haven’t started doing any deck building yet) … /shrug


Fair enough about Hearthstone, I just found I hit a real ceiling in the ladder because I got to a point where I was playing against very expensive decks.

Not sure what you mean about Artifact though, 99% of the cards are really cheap on the marketplace, you could put a great deck together for like $5-$8 (just a guesstimate).


Unless you need rares, which are more than 1% of the card pool. It’s probably still cheaper than the $50 I spent on HS packs every expansion (remember, you got lots of cards by just playing), but I don’t think Artifact will be as cheap as you think it is.


Just wait for whatever card becomes the equivalent of CS:GO knives.


Seeing the monetization model for this, makes me glad Faeria exists. Faeria may have the same model, but it does it in a much fairer way, and has single-player that’s solid before you get a viable deck , and no duplicates also helps.


Thanks for the replies. Yes, I was asking how the game determined where in a lane a hero or creep is placed between rounds.

Should I sell my duplicate rare hero?


As far as the game itself is concerned, I’m a big fan. It’s complex, sure, but I love all of the decisionmaking that goes into each game. Do I give up on that lane so that I can dump resources into another one? Do I go hard into one lane to beat the ancient, or do I go for a second tower? Which lane do I put my blue hero into? Do I use my damage spell on the first lane or the third lane? Do I hold off on playing cards so I have more next round? I love it.

If that becomes the case, then it will just be more cost-effective to buy packs instead of the single card. And even if there is one card that winds up being a hundred bucks or more, and no amount of supply can keep up with demand for it, it’s going to drive the prices of everything else so far down that you’ll be able to build any deck you want for a few bucks.

One of the things I like about Artifact is that I don’t really have any idea how to approach building a deck for it. Traditionally, card games have archetypes like aggro, midrange, control, and combo. But the way Artifact is set up, I don’t really know what those decks look like. It seems like your archetypes are more based on heroes, minions, or spells. I’m looking forward to playing with the precons and seeing if that makes something click for me.


As far as I can tell, there’s no reason to have duplicates of any hero (unless you’re speculating they’ll go up in price), so get that money!


Thanks! The hero in question is Pugna, who I gather was not a powerhouse in DOTA (which I’ve never played). With no other info than that, I’m guessing it will go down in value, so I’m gonna sell.


In general, demand will never be higher than it is right now, and supply will never be lower. People are buying up everything – even commons and uncommons – to get a working collection. That’s why I sold basically everything I got from my packs – I’m banking that they’ll be cheaper when I actually want them, and I’m planning to mostly phantom draft in the meantime until I understand how to actually put a deck together. :)


That’s my general sense too – although the card in question has doubled in value since I first posed my question, lol. I don’t think it will last, so I’m still gonna sell.


General principles I’ve learned from Magic:

  • Sell into hype.
  • Let someone else make the last 10% (it’s okay to sell “too early”).
  • Never buy packs when you’re looking for one specific card.


All good advice. I just put the card up for sale.

So who’s going to run the first Qt3 Artifact tournament?


The creator of a product does not get to decide what it is competing with.


Lifecoach vs StrifeCro live now, with Swim (formerly a Gwent pro) commenting.


I’m still playing only against bots, but I’ve been trying to use the timer. Is the only clock the audio warning that 15 seconds are left? I can’t find a way to display a chess clock on screen.