Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines II

Emily Blunt and The Rock are in a new movie. Not sure if they’re vampires or not.

Thanks for spoiling the big twist of the live action Jungle Book remake for me.

Glad to be of service.

Also, Snape kills Dumbledore.

I’d like a game where I play a vampire hunter instead of a vampire but that’s just me :)

I’ll always support a delayed release if it leads to a better experience. The first Bloodlines game had so many little bugs that a lot of people missed it or weren’t able to play through it. But man…it’s one of my personal favorites, so I’m definitely looking forward to this sequel. It’s one of my most-desired games that I never thought would actually happen, so I was super excited by the announcement.

I pray to all gaming gods that they won’t fuck it up. Presence of Mitsoda and Schaffer on the team gives me hope.

This x100. They both got burned badly on the first one, can’t imagine they’d make the same mistake twice.

Ok that was a weird trailer.

Probably a Malk villain.

Still my most anticipated game…right after Cyberpunk. Nice trailer. Looking forward to my first Malk run of first Bloodlines before B2 ships.

Delayed until 2021. Also, fuck this picture of text bullshit.

Shocking news. Why are these companies always so optimistic. Even if there was no covid, there is no way they would have been able to hit Q1 2020. Now it might come Q1 2021 and possibly later. Techland and CDP also aimed Q1 2020…these companies need to start announcing dates only when the games are finished content-wise and in debugging stage.

So what. Delay it to 2031. Makes no difference to me.

Is that because you don’t give a fuck about this title or because you are jaded old wizard who has seen the mountains grow and crumble?

I for one am fine with the delay for the latter reason. Also cyberpunk. And DCS hind.

Delay it as long as they need to ensure it is a success. #1 shouldn’t have failed the way it did, it’s a masterpiece that I thoroughly enjoyed numerous times.

This is why I come to Qt3, for the amazingly deep and engaging discussions.

Absolutely. I just find it weird how these companies can misjudge their own progress so badly.

Yeah, this seemed like a completely useless and unnecessary post to me. Sometimes I wonder what is going on around here.

All it takes is one major mechanic that turns out to be not fun and you’re faced with pushing back the release by at least months or shipping something that sucks in at least some facet. The problem isn’t that their estimates are bad - non-sequel game estimates are impossible - it’s that they should not be sharing them until they’re at least at feature complete and thus reasonably sure there aren’t going to be major design changes necessary.

I blame Seattle.

Also, I recommend breathing deeply and remembering just how extraordinary and unprecedented our current situation is.