Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines II

Probably because it’s 15 years old :)

Being Paradox, does this mean there will be endless expansions? I wouldn’t complain, would be awesome if this game had a long life of extra stories as well.

It’s Paradox Interactive (their publishing arm) rather than PDS, so not necessarily. You can look for something like Battletech as a comparison.

Oh, man, remember that mission in the haunted mansion? So good.

Did they actually get Christina Hendricks for the game, or did they just rip off her likeness for the trailer?

My favourite game of all time. The differing clan dialogue options where amazing. Hopefully they will stick to this.

Is this old school Vampire, or Vampire Requiem? I’ve enjoyed flipping through some of the old source books and reading the metaplot, I’ve heard Requiem does away with most of that.

Always wanted to replay Bloodlines at some point, but no idea where I put the install discs now.

I’d also have to dig up a dvd drive from somewhere.

Bloodlines was classic VTM - it included a bunch of characters from the sourcebook lore.


Is Werner Spahl still banging out the patches?

As an action/FPS/RPG nerd, VtM: Bloodlines is one of my favorite games of all time. So I’m cautiously psyched.

Frankly I don’t understand the people who say it looks dated. The texture work and art design were fantastic for the time, the character models use a stylized, almost cartoonish look that doesn’t rely on texture resolution, and the environments are mostly urban, so overall I think it’s held up really well.

But then I can still go back and get immersed in a Thief II level, so maybe I’m just one of those flexible electronic old men.

Could somebody please deploy the reinstall bloodlines meme picture.

Which rule set will they use?

Stealing an info roundup from Resetera:

  • Brian Mitsoda is lead writer (just like the original) alongside Avellone and Cara Ellison (who in particular wrote most of the side quests)
  • Set in Seattle
  • Seamless hub world
  • Direct (yes, you heard that right) sequel to 2004’s Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  • Takes place 15 years after Bloodlines
  • Game starts off with a Mass Embrace at Pioneer Square where player is among the new vampires born from the event, you’re captured and brought upon a court of prominent vampires like the first game to recount the events of the mass embrace before being sentenced to death, court is firebombed and you escape, thrust into Seattle to find out who’s responsible
  • Player is a thinblood at first, later on you can choose a clan
  • No quest markers
  • First-person with contextual third-person actions just like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.
  • Fan-favourite characters from Bloodlines returning
  • You can use telekenesis, turn into mist to go through vents and glide
  • You can scale buildings, there’s an emphasis on verticality
  • Level design is very reminiscent of the original Deus Ex in the sense that you’re offered many different pathways to approach a particular scenario
  • Way more dialogue than Bloodlines
  • Huge emphasis on character creation. You can choose your background, gender pronoun, employment history, body type and fashion

“We’re interested in providing a very robust roleplaying experience for the player with something were they can really identify with their character by fine tuning and providing lots of options for them to do that,” says Rachel Leiker, UX/UI designer at Hardsuit Labs.

  • Loads of secrets and hidden pathways to find
  • Seattle as a hub world is described as “very active”, crowds gather outside clubs and muggers prey on victims in side alleys, all seamlessly done.
  • Main side-questline involves hunting down and finding all the other thinblood created from the Mass Embrace, each will have their own story about entering into their new life e.g you might find a married thinblood struggling to deal with their newfound powers
  • Blood resonance from VtM 5th edition will appear in this game. Using your enhanced vampire senses, you can see when NPCs are experiencing an intense emotion like fear, desire, pain, joy and anger. Humans give off a bright aura. Drinking a person with a strong resonance will give you an immediate bonus to things like melee power or seduction. If you drink a particular resonance constantly, you will acquire a taste for it and this will give you permanent buffs called “merits”.

“You might determine as a player that you want to focus on this resonance, or these two. That’s going to drive your hunting experience in the hub, and what types of people you’re looking for,” he said. “It’s important for us to make sure that the player can express themselves in a way that is consistent with who they are as a player, both in gameplay and in customisation.”

  • If you continuously suck on people’s blood in full view of the public, they’ll be less wary of going to those areas and you’ll see less citizens wandering the streets (!!)
  • Game has modding support, available Day 1
  • Emphasis on fluid combat, using vampiric speed to slide in and out of melee range and slash people and execute them with melee weapons. You can get special cinematic finishers in combat when you execute people a la Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Counters are in. Guns exist and are treated as temporary opportunities, you pick em up, use it, then discard it and move on.
  • NPCs can react to you depending on what background you chose for your character in character creation

Depending on this choice, you’ll experience different alterations in the world as you explore. For example, if you choose the “Cop” background and visit a police station, there’s a good chance someone on duty will recognize you. Alternatively, you could select the “Barista” background, and no one will remember you or give you a second look. The world is reactive to your character and your choices, the team says - and the effects of those choices can be far-reaching story consequences or something as simple as what pronoun NPCs refer to you with.

No news on who’s doing the soundtrack so far :[

Sounds pretty good! Hope they can pull it off.

The original is my all time favorite RPG. I am so excited about this.

I am going to break my rule against pre-ordering single player games for this, possibly as soon as they detail the various packages.

Thank you, this thread is now officially opened for hype.

Didn’t Paradox publish Sword of the Stars 2? :D

So, the old rule set and the old clans? Interesting.