Robert Urich is absent, of course, but still a really good cast for your one hour TV drama.

Enjoyed the pilot tonight. Some of the cowboy tropes were a bit hokey, but I liked most the rest.

Don’t know if they can carry out the honest sheriff vs the totally corrupt rest of the town vibe, but it could be interesting.

It will be amusing counting the anachronisms at least, since it is set in 1960.

It’s almost always hard to judge from a pilot since the actors are usually not really settled into their characters yet, but I thought it was okay. The Western/Mob mashup is a good premise. I’m hoping they might play “Big Iron” in the background (Fallout:Vegas) at some point.

Almost 15 million viewers for the first episode, not bad.

Now lets see how it holds up in weeks 2 and 3.

My only concern is that it turns into yet another cop show that could easily be set in any city during any period without changing much. We’ve got too many of those already. I’d like them to concentrate on the unique situations that could only arise in THAT area, with THOSE characters and during THAT time.

…oh…and I’ve come to the conclusion that Jason O’Mara is the new D.B. Sweeney.

One: large all glass or acrylic marine aquarium in the background. I own one of the first specialty marine tanks made in the early 60s. It is plexiglass and only 30 gallons.

Still a pretty good show though.

The true sign of bad writing on a police show: the perp confesses after a 2 1/2 minute interrogation and being presented with the flimsiest of evidence.

“Look, we can sit in here for hours and try to bluff each other, but we both know this episode ends in about 4 minutes.”

I’ve enjoyed it more than I expected to. Love 60’s justice!

In both episodes so far I’ve known who the criminal of the week was the moment he appeared on screen, which I hate. I like everything else about the show but their habit of casting a known face in what seems like a small part makes it utterly obvious who the killer is going to end up being. This probably isn’t a big issue for most people but I watch enough TV and movies that the actors faces jump out at me. The fact that they cast a suspicious, semi-evil looking dude for this week’s murderer made it even more obvious and the director’s choice to push focus to him and even have him give a few evil glances was sloppy as hell. If they can improve the procedural part of the show it will be my favorite of the new network season.