Vending Machines (that are interesting)

Life Magazine just did a vending machine retrospective that’s pretty cool. Not so much the modern ones, but the vintage machines are great. Eggs, whisky, bikinis…

Check 'em out.

Also, I’m sure these are nothing compared to pretty much anything in Japan.

When I was in college I took a trip to Europe (not my first trip, but the first since I was a kid). In Amsterdam, I was amazed by a vending machine in the hotel I stayed in, because it had cigarettes, liquor, condoms, snacks, sundries–you name it. This was like 1981. Pretty mind-blowing to a kid from Georgia.

Ice cold whiskey? We seem to have regressed on the vending machine front. ::sigh::

Yeah, all of that other stuff is common in the South, but sundries always confuse us.

Also, cool thread topic Raife. Vending machines are awesome.

In a mall around here they have a technology vending machine where you can buy like, iPods and iPads. It’s weird.

I saw those at a Macy’s in Michigan. Or maybe it was a Nordstrom’s. Either way, yeah, it’s really weird.

Are they Best Buy Express? We have a few of those here in some of the casinos.

Haha at “Best Buy Prices” as a selling point.

They have those at airports too, which I’ve never understood. I can buy an iPod that has nothing on it for my flight home… ?

They are loaded with life insurance policies.*

*probably not true

Heh. 5

I can see those being useful for those “oh shit, I left my cell phone charger at home” or “oh, my memory card is full and I forgot to upload before I left home” moments. Leaving or returning on a trip isn’t usually when I’m gonna be shopping for a new smartphone or iPod though.

Well, I bet you haven’t seen whiskey and condoms in a vending machine in Georgia! At least, they didn’t have them thirty years ago. Hell, it’s more likely that they’d have had them then than now, given the political landscape today. Today, it’s more likely to be KKK robes and bibles…

I’ve usually seen them at airports and hospitals, where “only gouging you a little” is a pretty good deal.

Here’s a good website of Japanese machines

It’s like credit card Russian Roulette. When you swipe your card, you might get charged the price as marked, or you might be charged some random higher price. Either way, the machine will ask you if you want to add a product replacement plan.

I just want to see someone get as angry at the machines for screwing up as they would at candy machines for eating their quarters.

I coulda had a

Here’s a really good idea: Diaper Bag Basics.

A better idea is to leave babies at home.