Video Card "Overheating"

My Radeon 9800 Pro has started “overheating” and locking at around 95F/35C, which seems quite low to me. The card has a Zalman passive cooler on it, as well as a mounted 80mm fan on the top expelling the air from the card. My computer room has horrible ventilation and borders a non-insulated store room. While this hasn’t caused too much of a problem during previous summers, this year I had to run a hose directly from my AC to the card in order to play anything. I had thought that once the severe temperatures dropped off, the problem would go away; it hasn’t. Once winter hits, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it is very annoying in the interim.

It is currently not overclocked, but I had been moderately overclocking before the problem cropped up. Do you think I’ve damaged the card or is there something I’m missing?

Weird - do you have the old (active) cooler you could put on there? I had the fan die on my stock cooler and my card started to get hot enough to burn my fingers, I’m not sure what the Zalman is rated to/at but 35c doesn’t sound very hot at all.

The alternative to putting the old cooler back on is to open the case and point a 12 inch fan into the case, worked for me while I was waiting for my new cooler to arrive. At least that’ll let you know if it is actually heat related.

35°C is incredibly cool. That’s the temperature of my motherboard! I don’t know about ATI cards but healthy Nvidia cards idle at 60-70°C, so I find it hard to believe that cooling is the issue. Try reseating the card. If that doesn’t help I’m afraid it’s broken, maybe due to a combination of old age and your previous overclocking.

By any chance have you updated the drivers lately?

That’s actually what I’m doing. I’ve got both sides of the case open with a fan on either side (one intake, one exhaust). No dice. I wouldn’t think it’s heat related except that it craps out at 95-96 like clockwork and that pointing an air conditioned feed directly at it solves the problem. All the symptoms are classic overheat, too (sparklies, tearing, etc.). Of course, I’ve never had a broken card before, so maybe that’s an indication of basic failure, too.

I thought so, too, but I wanted a second opinion. Glad to hear I’m not crazy.

Not lately, but I did after the problem cropped up earlier this summer. I use Omega drivers, but maybe I’ll drop down to the newest Catayst revision and see if that does anything.

I wouldn’t. I noticed some odd things after using the 5.7/5.8 drivers and backed down to the Omega ones.