Video Card Sales

PC game makers say “we make games worth spending hundreds of dollars in upgrades for”.

PC gamers say F*** you.

Yeah, when I buy a card, I buy the one that’s $175. At $400, $500 that’s just not worth it.

I think it’s more than until Doom III and HL2, gamers will have very little incentive to upgrade GeForce 2s. Most games released nowadays are still playable on that ancient hardware.

… or people just are no longer willing to upgrade to even a $175 card for two or so big games when they can go out and upgrade to a $150 console to get access to far more big titles.

I love my computer, I love PC gaming, but if Joe Average Non-Geek asked me about getting into gaming tomorrow, my first suggestion would be, “look at consoles first, they’re cheaper and easier.”

“In the end we won’t lose any more share and the competition won’t gain any more share,” said Huang. “Because of their actions, we’re all going to make less money.”

Wow. This guy is a real piece of work.

“Wah wah,” says CEO Crybaby. “Because we are losing we will kamikaze our prices and bring down the house! thumbs nose

I dont mind though. Drop those prices, suckers. $400-500 for a graphics card is for those who are single and live with mommy.

ATI shares are down a bit because there’s a minor correction going on in tech stocks right now. NVidia is down over 1/3 for the year though.

Which I translate to mean: “ATI didn’t fuck around with improving their drivers and their latest cards are competitive and, in many cases, better than ours because we were mostly sitting on our fat bald zombie asses”.

It is accurately called an “unusual market event” because this is NVidia’s first spanking with ATI holding the paddle. Hopefully the competition will heat up as we (consumers, especially gamers) are the benificiaries.

You know, that’s the point.

Why a console can do wonders with a 600Mhz processor and shitty videocard when our 2+Ghz processors and starships as videocard often lag a lot more with even poorer results?

Nvidia confirmed it lost some market share in the low end of its graphics desktop segment, but it doesn’t expect the market share loss to continue. Huang said Nvidia cut prices in response to competitive moves. Desktop graphics unit shipments declined 17 percent for Nvidia.

Nvidia is only admitting they lost some ground on the low end graphics segment? I thought they were getting firmly trounced in every category?

Oh well. I have a question for the stock market savvy. Would it be smart to invest in Nvidia now that their stocks have dipped? I mean, I expect a rebound from them. Do you?

FYI I don’t actually have money to invest. It’s all just “I wonder … ?”

From what I understand, the low end market is the last thing they want to admit to losing ground in, as that’s where they make the majority of their money. Selling $500 video cards just doesn’t compare to all those cheap cards they provide for Dell, Compaq and the other PC builders.

I dunno, I spent 450 for mine and I’m none of the above.

I dunno, I spent 450 for mine and I’m none of the above.[/quote]

I didn’t spend quite as much (360) but I am none of the above as well.

– Xaroc

I dunno, I spent 450 for mine and I’m none of the above.[/quote]

I didn’t spend quite as much (360) but I am none of the above as well.

– Xaroc[/quote]

Not all of us get to rip off CompUSA. JERK

The upgrade market is minimal when compared to OEM sales.

If more people are picking ATI cards for their Dell systems, that will hurt NVIDIA.