Virtual Boy is awesome

I just played one for the first time in my life last night and I was mightily impressed. Both with the quality of the (two) games I played and the insanity of the system itself. Warioland VB is sweet and hot. I’m gonna start looking for one second hand. Any game recommendations from Virtual Boy adherents? Will anybody admit to owning one?

Red Alert and Mario Tennis were the only ones I enjoyed. I’m also colorblind now.

Mario Tennis was kind of cool but the system really wasnt awesome, or even very good.

Haha, I already have more views and replies than Rywill’s Burnout Legends (PSP) thread. Fuck you, Rywill.

Re: VB hostility: You guys just can’t handle the awesome.

Well to be fair one of your replies is someone saying you’re an idiot and the other one is you yourself, so that hardly counts. SUCK IT.

Even Rywill comes by to pay his respects.

I think you’re missing a comma somewhere in the caps zone, homeboy.

So SoC makes you sick but the Vitual Boy rules?

You are one whacky dude.

I kept trying to capitalise the comma but it came out as a <, so I skipped it. Didn’t want anything bringing the overall body of work down.

Edit: It’s also a quote from Load-era Metallica, so that wasn’t even the worst offence. wtf?

It is awesome. I think the hate comes basically from the high initial price and from the fact that the name evokes comparisons to the Game Boy line and yet the VB isn’t portable.

Wasn’t this the console that gave people migraines?

And the console that constantly warns you not to play it for too long at a time. Games even have an (optional) auto pause feature. It’s worth putting up with for the awesome! It also has a power switch on the controller (suck it, Xbux threesuxty), twin dpads (laughed at in it’s time, but in retrospect it was anticipating the modern analog controller) and a hot, hot stand. What a great system.

You know what else gives people migraines? FPSes. And what else? Magic Eye posters.

Some people’s brains just can’t handle converting a 2D source into a 3D image. Sucks to be them, but that’s not the medium’s fault.

I only played it once, it was at blockbuster at one of those displays, I think the game was wario. After playing it for about 20 minutes I took my eyes off of it, and had trouble focusing on objects. What was the whole problem with it not being in color again?

No, I think the hate comes from not just the high initial price, but the mostly (everything except Wario) horrible games, the gimmicky graphics, the fact you had to hunch yourself to play it, and how it kinda screws up your eyes, at least for a bit of time after you finished playing. It was an okay as a novelty then and as a conversation piece now, but thats about it.

I was one of the unfortunate ones who got massive headaches after any playing time with the thing. Luckily I have yet to find an FPS that makes me sick.

I don’t know what you mean by “gimmicky graphics”. If you had to hunch yourself to play it, that was the fault of your desk/chair, not the system. The games weren’t horrible, just the standard post-launch stuff. Teleroboxer, Mario Tennis, and Red Alarm were all quite good.

That’s just the kind of misinformation that I feel led to the demise of the system. Anything new gets an unwarranted amount of hate (look at the initial reaction to the DS) and the Virtual Boy’s price tag ensured that not too many people would have personal experience to counter the bias of others.

When I first heard about the Virtual Boy, I thought to myself, “Wow, the future is here!”. Then I played it and found out that everything was red in the future. Also, the future was expensive and looked like a View Master on a tripod.