Virtual reality: to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Yes. Yes it is.

So here goes, a new thread for all things VR, be they the great questing beasts of the oculi or chairbound G2 drivers wired up with hands on throttles and sticks.

VR is here. It is real. It has succeeded, but isn’t quite “done” yet if you ask me. More FoV, better tracking, available 3090’s to drive it…

So wether it’s Beat Sabre or VTOL VR, there’s something for everyone in this shiny new world of VR. Thanks Time :p

Agree! VR is here, and it is real. This isn’t going to be the splash and fade we saw in the 1990s.

The downside of VR is that it’s spoiled me for 2D gaming. I find it very hard to “get into” traditional gaming these days. But while I miss the immersion I used to feel when playing Dishonored, Prey and other 2D games, that’s outweighed by the amazing times I’ve had with DCS, IL-2, Half-Life Alyx, Boneworks, Elite:Dangerous, SkyrimVR, Subnautica and MSFS.

It’s not “done” yet, but with monthly connected SteamVR headsets crossing 3M last month, it’s beginning to reach the critical mass where more publishers will jump in.

I have a noob question that’s been bothering me:
How do people with old eyes cope with VRs? I assume it is all blurry without glasses, but how to wear glasses within those weird glasses and…

Yeah it took a while, but even I’m on board with VR.

I was wearing an old set of glasses that fit in the headset along with the glasses separator, but I just shelled out for prescription lenses. Can’t wait to get them.

I have ordered the former even if I don’t need glasses for most of daily life, the G2s resolution is high enough to want perfect vision, much like how I do wear glasses when driving or watching… Planes xD

YEah these are who I ordered from. Can’t wait.

Is this a thread where we can also talk about console based VR (e.g., PSVR and its upcoming PS5 sequel)? Or is it PC only?

Console VR is no less VR than PC VR. Though I for one vastly prefer PC VR because of Il2, DCS, Truck simulator, Elite and StarWars Squadrons.

If you haven’t spun out in a Sopwith Camel in VR, you haven’t been truly scared yet. (Flying Circus is part of the il2 franchise)

I only just started using our Oculus Quest 2 recently with Supernatural (doing 30 day trial). Up until now its mostly been my daughter playing it. I have a common eyesight challenge for a 50 year old - need glasses for reading and the computer screen but have fine vision for anything beyond a few feet. I was able to play just fine without my glasses. My understanding is the focal point of many of the headsets is farther away so doesn’t impact farsighted people as much as nearsighted. Of course YMMV but I was pleasantly surprised not to need my glasses when I wear them for normal gaming at my desktop.

That is something I was really curious about. I hope I may have the occasion to try it out with my own vision when the lockdown is done.
I’m also happy glasses are not totally impossible to accomdate with VR.
Thank you for the answers, gentlemen!

I just put in an order for a Reverb G2 and a fancier computer with an RTX 3080. Hopefully it will get here by June. I have been following the old thread and can’t wait to take my first few steps into a wider world.

When that happens, I hope there will be some good wikis or cheat sheets or something. There was a book’s worth of great advice in the old thread, but as far as organization goes…

Just ask away when you get your stuff, we’ll be happy to answer and help you find out.

So, I recently bought a near-new PSVR version 2 second-hand for half its RRP, mainly for Star Wars Squadrons.

I still think at full price- equivalent to that of a PS4- it’s an expensive boondoggle, but once I got the cable management sorted with a Kiwi ceiling mount, I’m warming to it.

And I think the library of titles either ported or developed exclusively for PSVR bodes really well for PSVR2 on its release, as potentially mainstreaming VR in the home… if & when they can price it reasonably & competitively.

Put three dots on the end you crazy man. We look like anarchists.

Wait a celing mount!?

Can’t have us look like the anarcho-syndicalists we secretly are, can we?

My mind is blown. I mean, I totally get the benefit, but the effort to get it set up right… I’m just not willing to get up onto a ladder and get those ceiling hooks installed properly. Plus it looks as if my ceilings are significantly higher than the ones in that video, so I’ll definitely be doing a lot of adjusting, which looks tedious, too.

I suppose this is why the next generation of these things is going to be fully wireless? Or it it? Is the PSVR 2 actually rumoured to be fully wireless? I know that the cameras in it are rumoured to be inside out, so it won’t need the Playstation Camera add-on, but will it be truly wireless? If not, then maybe going all in on something like this device is worth it.

Wireless is the goal, certainly, but we’re still firmly on the back-middle of wifi having enough throughput to be able to feed a headset wirelessly and still give you a PC-level of quality. The Quest beats that by having assets locally but obviously there’s only so much horsepower you can cram into a deck of cards stuck to your face.

On the other hand, it’s extremely nice to not have wires and the Q2 delivers VR in spades even if it is downgraded from the PC experience. I have no idea which dam will break first, wifi getting so fast that you don’t even need storage or processing on the headset, just display, or headsets getting so fast that they can pull off PC quality with no aid. The market is certainly leaning towards downgrade and no wires, I’m getting people who don’t have PCs at all asking about the Q2, so the market is there.

At a guess, you’ll have a broad market of wireless in-headset processing and storage, and maybe some niche wifi/wired offerings in a few years, but the gripping hand is that if no one is developing for the big-horsepower PC driven rig, then it’s a moot point.

So Skyrim SE works like a charm with VORPX. In fact, I prefer it over Bethsoft’s half-assed take on Skyrim VR. Why? I’m primarily a seated gamer (e.g. a PC gamer) and all the “niftiness” of half-assedly manipulating Skyrim stuff with hand controls annoys me. And as a hardcore PC gamer, I have the Daredevil-like ability to know where the keys on the keyboard are.

Plus, Skyrim SE + VORPX works with SE mods (Skyrim VR doesn’t).

How’s the 3D effect with VORPX? It’s… you know, it’s not that bad at all.