Virtuix Omni VR treadmill: here comes the future again

A kickstarted thing that you kick to start.

Yeah, I want that. Anything that lets me use my body more in cyberspace will help me age gracefully. Plus I would build this into my Kinect live looper to make a real soundspace I could walk around in. Mix that with 5.1 surround and an Oculus Rift, and you have a genuine holodeck. YES PLEASE.

(Yes, of course it’s niche and homebrew and couch potatoes will have no use for it. Do I care? FUCK NO.)

I’ll buy one when it’s three hundred bucks. I give it two years.

I had one of those when I was a toddler. :)

As someone said in the comments, imagine that with something like Amnesia.

I would run so fast from monster that my cardio would be improve a ton! :P

Is it just me or couldn’t he strafe? He also spends a fair amount of time standing still. Certainly more than you would if you were moving with your fingers.

Kickstarting thing to kickstart is kickstarted!

I guess this has been going on a while but I just got linked to it. Really interesting approach to VR movement! Looks too big for my apartment and too pricey for what looks like, essentially, the world’s least convenient keyboard, but still! Great to see this approach succeeding (in making it to the manufacturing stage at least). This sort of pricey setup might be nice for an arcade.

Man, as if MMO gamers need more excuses to stay in. Now they can do their morning jog in Azeroth!