VOB extensions

Ok, so I torrented a VH1 Storytellers with Tom Waits, right? It took over two weeks but I got the damn thing. But the files are in .VOB (also IFO and BUP)

Using that XP extension explainer dealie it tells me the .VOB are DVD files and I am to use DVD playback software to play them. I don’t have a DVD drive and so I don’t have DVD software. Anyone have a clue how I can play these files? Or can recommend good (free) DVD software for this purpose?

I don’t think you’re going to be able to find free DVD player software, as the decryption is licensed.

You might want to try this list and see what can be found in there.

Though I apparently stand corrected – here you can find a file called VOB Filters which apparently lets you play VOB files in Windows Media Player.

Media Player should play VOB files fine.

Yep, you’re right. Media Player does. It’s always the obvious choice. I figure, if the computer doesn’t know how to open a file… who the hell am I to TELL it which program to use?

Thanks Cyborg

I wouldn’t recommend Media Player for playing proper DVDs when (and I mean when, not if) you get a DVD drive - it doesn’t really handle menus and such very well. (But then as you realised, you’ll get a DVD player with it, most likely PowerDVD).