Vonage box dead - what replacement?

So we had a storm last night with a couple of power flickers. No major lightning that I’m aware of. But my Vonage service is now dead (no dial tone). I haven’t used it for a week or so, so possibly an earlier, nastier storm fried it.

The device in question is a little Motorola black box that I plug the network line and the phone line into. The lights blink, but I get no dial tone (tried it with 2 different phones).

Since the box was about 1.5 years old and a refurb when I bought it, I doubt I could buy an exact replacement. What box should I buy to continue to use my Vonage service? Something I could pick up at the local Best Buy would be preferable.

I picked up a new device at BestBuy for $50. It took about 1 minute to unplug the old device and unpack and plug in the new device, then about 3 minutes to call Vonage, read them a MAC ID# on the new device and switch things over. It works fine now. Very smooth.

The Linksys PAP2? Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone have issues with those. Unlike most of the Vonage+Router devices.