Vote to stake Sol Invictus

Every thread I look into, he’s there stinking up the place. C’mon, you know you want to.

Oh, is it time for another “bash another poster” thread? I guess it’s been a while.

The banner ad at the top says “Yo! Bum rush the vote” Is it the 80’s again?

At least some of those had valid criticisms. This just seems like David’s personal pettiness.

The ad on my screen is for Rich Man Online. Clearly that previous banner ad was successful for someone.

This is mean-spirited.

I uhh, don’t like this. Make another one for Mario_AU.

If you want to show up an anonymous thread poster, how about you go into his posts and disagree with everything he says?

Every day there isn’t a post like this on me, I lock myself up in the bathroom and turn on the shower, just so the neighbors don’t hear me weeping.

Hmm, this is out of the blue. Normally when there’s a bash-poster-X thread they’ve usually been involved in a few highly visible recent flamewars or done something spectacularly dumb. I haven’t seen either from Sol Invictus. Am I just missing a good flameware somewhere?

Again why I nominate Mario_AU for this poll instead of Sol. But there’s a large number of people voting Yes without even making a comment in this thread.

Sol doesn’t seem that bad to me, which makes me think I’ve somehow missed a key Qt3 thread.

Here are some of his recent posts, I only show opinions rather than any quick little witty replies he might be making:

Some trolls, but this is nothing compared to the vitriol that veteran members on these forums regularly throw at many new-ish posters just for stating their opinions.

Could we get rid of the NMA drones first, please? That’s an actual problem, Sol seems like a perfectly good guy. Bad form random post starter dude whom I know nothing about except for thinking that he made this post in bad taste.

I think it’s safer if we just ban everyone.

Pogo: Champion of Sol Invictus.

Please continue, Counselor.

Sol’s greatest crime seems to be that he’s wrong sometimes, and if that’s a banworthy offense I may as well hand in my badge now.

Besides, this is QT3! We don’t ban disruptive posters, we shower them with attention.

That probably explains how we keep attracting tons of trolls.

Wow. You’re hilarious!


Nuke Qt3 from orbit, too.