Voter Issues

Of course to beat the “religion” candidate, you need to be even more religious. Even if it’s a cynical ploy to garner votes, candidates will escalate the God talk to a point where it becomes the biggest issue in every election. And in order to maintain power, it will be invoked with greater frequency during each elected officials term.

We may not become a true Theocracy, but we will keep sounding more and more like one over time.

Well, until the heathens decide to register and vote, I do not see any reason for candidates to do otherwise. :wink:

The Dems do not seem to want to talk about faith. I think that was a huge mistake and they better alter their gameplan or they will continue to lose ground.

Any one of us can tell you what Republicans believe in. I think we would be hard pressed to do the same with Democrats and all come up with identical lists.

This would have become an even bigger problem if the Dems had won. But isn’t America supposed to have been created with the idea that protection of individuality is a good thing?

I will, however, never look to the federal gov’t for anything ever again. Happy now?

Absolutely. But individuality is one thing, while inability to convey a consistent platform is just an obvious roadblock to success. There is nothing about American individualism that demands one support people without knowing what the hell they are talking about.

I will, however, never look to the federal gov’t for anything ever again. Happy now?

That is a beautiful thing. Too bad it’s too late, and both sides are invasively federalist.

Lizard King said it, but I do not think believing in a party platform means sacrificing individuality. The Platform just outlines the party’s views. I simply think the Democratic party has lost sight of what there’s is.

Are you saying no platform is fine? Any Democrat can believe whatever and he is still better than the alternative. In fact, he doesn’t even have to tell me. I trust he’ll get up there, make decisions based on no outside help, and run the country all by himself.