VR - Is it really going to be a success? Or, thanks Time for starting a discussion!

I never would have guess VR pinball would also be a thing, but it sure is nice to easily be able to see the entire table (although some things get obscured behind table features). I wonder if there is an option to change the view angle or something.

VR pinball can be awesome, but changing the viewing angle is actually pretty important to protect your neck. Almost all of the games have a way to recenter the screen – a good trick is to stand up a little, re-center the view, and sit back down. This will let you set the table height to be more comfortable.

I’ve even had fun lying down on the floor and re-centering the view to make it like the table is built into the floor, just a neat alternate perspective.

Moss is another one that I’ve had an odd amount of fun re-centering the view while on my knees in my game room - - then you can kind of craw around the world. It’s just fun to play with perspectives in games like these.

I agree, I’ve not felt this plain excited by a new format for a long time. Was playing The Room again last night, it’s amazing how intuitive everything is. You see a rope, you pull the rope, it’s something that just doesn’t need a tool tip, and yet it creates that wonderful feeling of “I wonder if I can do this… OH SHIT I CAN!” that seems to happen several times a night right now. Waltz of the Wizard is just so much fun for screwing around. You pour a growth potion on your head and suddenly you’re gingerly stepping over the table that was at waist height before. You find a shrink potion and the tiny rats scurrying around suddenly take on a whole new light, and the space feels utterly vast, and convincing. At one point I had to climb a ramp to look over a maze, and I felt vertigo take hold of me and had to crouch.

I mean this is all old news to VR veterans, but it’s nice to finally catch up. In other news, my Link cable arrived today, so I can at least hook up to the PC and try some seated experiences. I’ll still set up a wireless solution eventually because I don’t mind standing at all.

The Guardian system is brilliant, not sure if it’s been a feature since the start but it means I can still walk around safely in my pokey office, avoiding the chair and the edge of the desk. If I play Beat Saber I will have to turn off the ceiling fan though! There’s no “ceiling” to the system. The only downside with having a small space is the warning grid is constantly turning on as I step around. I know I can turn down the sensitivity but I don’t trust myself quite that much yet.

Does anyone use VR Chat? Or do I need to be a furry? Seems like it could be fun for a virtual QT3 VR thread meetup at some point. Stop me if you’ve already done this better before.

The Room is awesome and I hope they come out with another. I bought the VR Fanatical Bundle partly because it had Abode 1 and 2, which are escape room games. I’m not expecting Room VR levels of coolness, but it was worth the gamble to find something cool.

I’ve mentioned before that when I’m in VR that I sometimes loose myself and go to lean on something, like a doorway, in the VR environment and then need to catch myself before a fall over. My brain must be very susceptible for this stuff. I totally get your feeling of vertigo as I experienced it too when standing on a platform and could see the room below me.

Ditto on The Guardian system. It works so well and it’s nice to just trust that it has your back.

You guys should consider the ultimate vertigo title, Richie’s Plank Experience. It’s a bit of a one-trick pony and pricey for what you get, but man… if you get a real bit of wood and set the game plank dimensions to match it, it makes it so much more brain bending when you’re trying to walk across it on top of a virtual building.

That added bit of reality makes it really hard to convince yourself to take a step along it. :)

Great for showing off your VR to newcomers, and kids absolutely love it if you have any.

That looks and sounds absolutely terrifying! I have a major fear of falling (not heights, just falling off them!) and that would cripple me.

I kinda want to try it. Maybe if there’s a sale.

Speaking of which, the recent patch notes suggested you would be able to turn the wall off, at least for the stationary one, like you can on the Rift. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, or at least I can’t find the setting. Anyone had any luck with that?

Yes, if you go into the settings / Guardian, then go to boundary and select Advanced, you can adjust the proximity at which the boundary triggers with the headset and the controllers separately. If you set both to low, you have to touch the boundary before it appears (in fact if you’re looking straight ahead you never see it). I set both to about 20% which seems about right for me. I have about a 2 x 2 m area in my office now (actually 2 x 2 x 2 m because if I reach up to 2m I hit the ceiling fan!).

I know that, but on the Rift, you can stop it from appearing even if you touch it. It just shows the boundary on the floor. This is very helpful, if, eg, you’re playing a cockpit game where you don’t need the touch controllers, but have to put them somewhere. Previously you couldn’t do that on the Quest, but they put this in the patch notes for the most recent one, which suggested you might be able to:

Not sure, but my Q2 is set to roomscale so perhaps the option only appears when set to stationery. But I’m sure you’ve tried that already.

Next Gen PSVR announced… for sometime after 2021.

I’m not sure I’d like to intentionally cause that feeling :-)

That seems like big news. I never tried PSVR, but I have to imagine the PS5 is going to be a lot more capable of providing a good VR experience.

The original PSVR was definitely in the bargain category, but OK for the money. Unfortunately the Quest exists now and blows the original PSVR out of the water at a similar price - before factoring in the PS4.

Hopefully Sony can be more competitive with the PSVR2.

I thought I read something about that needing dev mode. Not sure what that means.

Developer Mode means you’ve registered as a developer on the Oculus site and turned on developer mode for your Quest headset. It’s easy to do with zero downside (really).

I already have that switched on for Virtual Desktop, but maybe it means the setting for the Guardian is in the dev mode bit rather than the Guardian bit.

Any thought on this post? Curious is if it’s more placebo effect, or if it’s real.

It’s definitely real, as it’s posted by a Microsoft developer:

We do have some feature updates in the works. One of the notable ones is a change we’re working on with Valve that’ll significantly reduce the amount of GPU memory used when running SteamVR. That one’s exciting because we’ve found it has a cascading effect - a lot of VR workloads tend to max out the GPU memory, and reducing the amount used reduces the need for memory paging, leading to a smoother overall experience.

This is probably only WMR-specific. Right now the issue is that we have to create an intermediate set of GPU buffers that we copy the SteamVR content into before we send it off to our system compositor. The change we’re working on will eliminate that set of intermediate buffers. Since each buffer is (generally) sized to match the resolution of the headset, the memory savings potential is huge.

The fix won’t affect performance that much, unless your current settings have you running out of VRAM:

It probably reduces the frame time slightly by removing that extra operation, but the copy shouldn’t be impacting performance that much. But at the same time reducing memory pressure can help a lot if stuff is getting paged out. We’ve definitely seen performance improvements in that scenario in our limited testing.

I’d think in games like DCS or MS Flight Sim it should help a bit (Steam version)? Or does MS Flight Sim skip Steam VR entirely?