VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Isn’t joining another Discord the equivalent of going into a new Qt3 thread? (Sorry for the layman question, Discord confuses me so much since I have no real experience with it).

God no it’s completely and utterly different.

Yeah I have a minor effect on mine as well. I’m starting to get used to it.

I’m gonna gush again about Supernatural y’all. I use it for working out than I do gaming on the Quest 2. I’ve never looked forward to working out until now. It’s astounding and I love it.

Discord is just a group chat app, really, but with a gaming focus. You join a group with an invite link (that anyone can give out), and each group has its own set of rooms such as “General”, “Game discussion”, “Bugs” etc. Game devs usually create the groups and hand out invites at first, and it grows from there. It’s probably the best place to go to get direct updates on game development, and address bugs. Keeping up to date with the discussions is most definitely not mandatory.

With Overload, since the team has dissolved it’s basically just the community helping others out, organising games, developing mods, designing levels, etc.

I decided to scare myself silly again last night with Cosmodread. I saved my previous run outside of a corridor covered in goop because I couldn’t muster the courage to enter it! This time I was bold, gingerly stepped into it and made my way down it… and then a tentacle appeared! And a skittering! And I turned tail and legged it fast! I ran all the way back to a large room with a fabricator, found a power cell from nearby, and plugged it in. Now I could fabricate… noise makers, that would bring the monsters scurrying in. NOPE. So much for that. After realising my oxygen levels were going to diminish el pronto (the game’s mechanic to encourage you to keep exploring, to find O2 cylinders to top up your suit), I decided to open another door with squelching noises behind it. I had to face it, or I was going to die! As soon as I opened the door (and can I just say I hate the way the doors open in this game, you can’t gradually open them for a peek, they go WHOOSH and you’re staring straight into oblivion. Or, in this case, a darkened corridor covered with alien tentacles). And then some kind of disgusting creature flew at my face, and I yelped in real life. I turned around and realised it was now loose in the darkened room I was in. I struggled with the crossbow, I had one shot left, my hands were shaking and I started feeling a creeping numbness fall over my body. I couldn’t remember how to bring up the inventory to reload my bow. Seriously, this was so terrifying I was getting dizzy! I turned back around and there in the corridor was a shadow, something out of The Thing. It loped off out of view. I ran, hid in a corner, and waited a few more second for my oxygen to run out so I could die and get the hell out of there.

Tomorrow I will be playing a nice puzzle game. (but secretly, I love it)

How do you deal with sweat inside your headset? I sweat a ton when I work out - like I can lose 3-5 pounds. It seems like the foam thing would get gross and maybe sweat would get into places it shouldn’t. I kinda like the idea of Supernatural, not sure if I could swing the cost long term, or if my headset could hold up to it.

My solution was to purchase a Nike sweatband and a bunch of washable, sweat-proof gear for my Index from https://us.vrcover.com/

After a couple tries working out while wearing my headset, I gave up and ate more ice cream.

Then my wife got a Peloton cycle and my sweaty workout problems were solved! :)

LOL at all of this!

I got a silicon face cover which helps, and I wipe it down after every song. I also sweat a ton.

I’ve been wiping down the foam with a damp cloth when I start getting really sweaty, at which point my glasses fog up anyway. Then I let it air dry, cool my face down (takes about half an hour), and go again. I got a silicone cover which keeps the foam clean, but it just causes my glasses to fog up extra quickly so I gave up on it. Instead I ordered some cotton covers from vrcover (still waiting for them to arrive) which should be a happy medium.

Daily cardio work in VR has definitely made a difference to me. I’ve been back at the gym for the last few months doing mostly weights - feeling much better than I did in 2020 - but when it’s been too wet outside to go running or biking, VR has been a good substitute.

So I got Thrill of the Fight finally, and it’s as good as people have said as a workout, especially for upper arms and shoulders, and an effective HIIT session. My play area was barely large enough, so the fighter was in my face all the time and I didn’t have room to dance around, but rearranging my office has been on the cards for a while anyway. Fortunately I put my bookshelf to my back so I didn’t punch anything by mistake!

Beat the first guy on Normal, but by the end of the third round I was about ready to throw in the rendered towel. The training gym is actually really good, the speed ball is about as good as the real thing, although you really need the feedback from the hanging punchbag for that to be effective. But yeah, being able to go full on in the ring for 300 seconds and then have a 60 second rest is awesome. I need to find a better way of gripping the controllers though, I kept hitting the Oculus button by mistake and bringing up the menu in the middle of the fight.

Which one did you get and are you happy with it?

Which cover did you get? I don’t wear glasses so fogging isn’t an issue, unless the VR lenses fog.

I just wish listed this and I’m sure will get it in not too long. Did you get the Oculus or Steam version? Do you know of any differences?

I have so much trouble keeping my weight in check because of eating wayyyyyy to many desserts. Sometimes I’ll eat a bag of chocolate chips (11 oz), maybe have some ice cream. When my son makes chocolate chip cookies it isn’t unusual for me to eat a batch in 2-3 days. I’m trying to be good again. I was as low as 204 lbs in early March. Since then I’ve been up to 213. I was under 200 briefly last July. I’m at least somewhat ahead of the game as I’m trying to turn it around at 213 instead of the 217-227 I’ve gotten up to in the past. I’m 6’1’’, so anything under 200 is probably reasonable, but I’d love to get down to 185. If someone would only lock me in a room and feed me under the door :-)

I got this!

It works very well! I The Supernatural folks also sent one that works well.

Pretty sure it was just the glasses fogging. I bought this one in black…
There are a bunch of them out there. To be honest I’m not 100% sure about this because of the extra silicone extension over the nose. You don’t notice it, and it’s intended to block out any remaining light, but pretty sure this is what caused the fogging issues for me. I get fogging with the normal foam cover anyway, but it takes much longer to appear and I have to get really hot first.

I got the Oculus version, anything requiring significant movement I get the native version to avoid Link cable dramas, and I’m 100% certain I’d end up pulling the cable out by mistake if I was using Link. As far as I know there are no differences between PCVR and Quest versions.

People searching a new fitness game shouldn’t forget Blaston

I picked it up too and played the first 3 opponents. First guy, the sparring partner, was super easy. The second guy wasn’t too bad, I knocked him down a couple times but won on points. The 3rd guy was definitely a step up, and my left controller battery died in the 3rd round, which was the only round I lost and it was a draw. My arms were definitely getting tired and my heart rate was up for sure. I ordered a silicon cover that will come this week. I’ll have to see if there is a profile for cardio boxing for my garmin forerunner so it can track my calories.

Gimme the 101 on this game, how fighty is it vs. gamey?

It seems reasonably believable. Punch placement seems pretty good, so you can avoid your opponent’s guard, or go to the body if he’s protecting his face. If does seem to track how ‘powerful’ your punches are by how fast they are moving. There isn’t anything crazy like power ups or punching the guy out of the ring.

It’s famously ‘fighty’, with things like not having stamina bar or anything like that, the stamina of your character is your real life stamina.

Blaston’s multiplayer though, right? I read that bots appear if nobody is online, but I imagine you need a solid internet connection to play it. I can’t even get a reliable party / chat going with @ArenjiChaos so I doubt Blaston would work for me.

Lots of these fitness apps are now going the subscription route, it appears. Trying to copy the Supernatural model perhaps? FitXR just demonstrated how not to do it. Their base app went free, with a fraction of its previous content, and both existing and new owners get a free trial to the subscription service. As none of the existing owners were told their existing paid-for content would be returned once the trial period ended, their ratings predictably plummeted.

On Easy or Normal? (I did the sparring guy on the default Easy, then figured what the heck, I’ll go Normal on the first opponent) I really need more space to move around though, having him in your face limits what you can do.

With cardio tracking, don’t forget you can overlay the Oculus Move tracking onto any app or game now (was in the last update). Not sure how accurate it is compared with a dedicated device, but it’s there.