VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

I got this!

It works very well! I The Supernatural folks also sent one that works well.

Pretty sure it was just the glasses fogging. I bought this one in black…
There are a bunch of them out there. To be honest I’m not 100% sure about this because of the extra silicone extension over the nose. You don’t notice it, and it’s intended to block out any remaining light, but pretty sure this is what caused the fogging issues for me. I get fogging with the normal foam cover anyway, but it takes much longer to appear and I have to get really hot first.

I got the Oculus version, anything requiring significant movement I get the native version to avoid Link cable dramas, and I’m 100% certain I’d end up pulling the cable out by mistake if I was using Link. As far as I know there are no differences between PCVR and Quest versions.

People searching a new fitness game shouldn’t forget Blaston

I picked it up too and played the first 3 opponents. First guy, the sparring partner, was super easy. The second guy wasn’t too bad, I knocked him down a couple times but won on points. The 3rd guy was definitely a step up, and my left controller battery died in the 3rd round, which was the only round I lost and it was a draw. My arms were definitely getting tired and my heart rate was up for sure. I ordered a silicon cover that will come this week. I’ll have to see if there is a profile for cardio boxing for my garmin forerunner so it can track my calories.

Gimme the 101 on this game, how fighty is it vs. gamey?

It seems reasonably believable. Punch placement seems pretty good, so you can avoid your opponent’s guard, or go to the body if he’s protecting his face. If does seem to track how ‘powerful’ your punches are by how fast they are moving. There isn’t anything crazy like power ups or punching the guy out of the ring.

It’s famously ‘fighty’, with things like not having stamina bar or anything like that, the stamina of your character is your real life stamina.

Blaston’s multiplayer though, right? I read that bots appear if nobody is online, but I imagine you need a solid internet connection to play it. I can’t even get a reliable party / chat going with @ArenjiChaos so I doubt Blaston would work for me.

Lots of these fitness apps are now going the subscription route, it appears. Trying to copy the Supernatural model perhaps? FitXR just demonstrated how not to do it. Their base app went free, with a fraction of its previous content, and both existing and new owners get a free trial to the subscription service. As none of the existing owners were told their existing paid-for content would be returned once the trial period ended, their ratings predictably plummeted.

On Easy or Normal? (I did the sparring guy on the default Easy, then figured what the heck, I’ll go Normal on the first opponent) I really need more space to move around though, having him in your face limits what you can do.

With cardio tracking, don’t forget you can overlay the Oculus Move tracking onto any app or game now (was in the last update). Not sure how accurate it is compared with a dedicated device, but it’s there.

You know, I probably did leave it on easy but I’m not 100% sure. Do you know how many fighters there are to beat?

Seven, if my googling is accurate.

Here’s a guide which has some great info over on Steam:

So this is on sale today on Steam:

Which looked awesome, but in reading reviews, it led me to this:

Which is FUCKING AMAZING. Seriously, might be the best VR game I’ve played yet. I’m more of a shooty guy than a melee guy, so I’m sure while I’ll like Until You Fall, Compound is FAR more my speed. You can duck under and around shots, move fluidly through levels and the gunplay feels SO FUCKING GOOD. Even RELOADING is fun. I can’t get over how good this is.

Until You Fall is a fun melee game. There’s a native Quest version too but might be a little more $. Haven’t heard of Compound but will check into it!

Yeah the Quest version was NOT on sale, so I got the Steam version which is.

Oh and there’s a demo of Compound if you wanna check it out.

I saw it was released back in 2018 and is still in early access…but then saw it’s still getting regular updates so will definitely check it out. Travis said he picked up a Quest 2 also so I sent him some suggestions of my favorites.

I tried the demo, it is indeed very good. It has a tactile solidity to the whole thing which makes it feel very immersive, and yes even the basic gun is great, but once you get use to firing and reloading the better weapons it really takes off. It has the best barrel explosions I think I’ve ever seen. The demo is basically the same two sewer levels (although randomly generated) on a loop of increasing difficulty. The only thing I’m not clear on is how the full game differs in terms of variety.

The only downside is the smooth turning is anything but to my eyes, it has an unpleasant jitter which doesn’t do much for my stomach. Smooth stepped turning is better, but slightly awkward.

It’s apparently still very early access, so more stuff will apparently be added as it gets further developed.

Anyone interested in that forthcoming Demeo VR boardgame/RPG ?

Might be good, not sure from the trailer. But I like the idea of a social boardgame in VR. I think this is an area where well-designed VR could really add something - RPGs or wargames with lots of minis that would take forever to buy/paint/set up irl but dead easy to set up in VR. I love playing Gloomhaven for example, but the set up time alone takes an hour before each session.

TTS has VR support. It’s pretty janky though. Like everything in TTS.

Very interested. Yet while I’d like to think my internet connection would be up for this game, I have my doubts.