VR, to boldly game like we never gamed before...

Wow, I never thought I’d have reason to play Among Us again. That looks fun.

I was trying today the Risk of Rain 2 VR mod, and something I didn’t expect, is the bad performance :( (relative to the graphics offered, which aren’t precisely HL Alyx, hell it kinda looks like native Quest games). I guess it’s because the VR isn’t properly native, that’s why it has problems getting good framerate. To compare, I run the game normal version (non-VR) at 160-200 fps, but in VR I’m falling to 50-60 fps lots of times.

Thanks for the detailed instructions! Just ran through it using your link, and it seems to have worked.

Awesome, thanks. I was waiting on RE4 to drop in price, but now I have no excuse.

Let’s do it, suggest a day and time, I’m here. I just started playing that Walkabout Mini Golf game, that seems appropriately silly.

I know! God I wish I could get my neck back in shape so I can support my VR headset on my head for more than a few minutes.

I just tried the Gaga pack for Beat Sabre (Steam VR) last night. Mostly OK, but wow I think they’ve changed something in the game code because performance on my OG HTC Vive was really CRAP compared to before. Stuttery and unpleasant. Guessing I’m going to have to wade into the Steam VR settings menus to see if something has maybe changed to make things worse recently.


I’m continuing with RE4VR. 5 hours in, I just reached the castle. Overall it’s being easy (I’m playing with laser sights off, but with free movement on). I died a few times, but more because I play conservatively with my resources in this type of games.

A curious thing, Ashley, the girl’s head is too small, in VR you can notice when things like that are off, because you see it as less as a model, and more as a human.
Something surprising is how little she talks, I expected her to say something as she accompanies you while you explore the areas. I think it’s something where you can notice the age of the game, where the paradigm (at least on console) was to have separated the gameplay and the story (in cutscenes). Now usually it’s more integrated.

The first three hours were pretty smooth, only at that point I got stuck in one place, I didn’t know (nor the game gives you a clue for) that to cross a specific gate, you have to bring Ashley to it and then using the gate will make her climb on top of you.

The thing that bothers me the most in the ‘actions that aren’t VR but should be’ is when you have a ladder but you can’t climb it with the hands, but you have to press A.

AGAINST on the 17th (well, I say 17th, but that could be my 17th, which is really your 16th, because I live in the future apocalypse). I’ll just say, later this week.

Pleasebegoodpleasebegood etc… The demo was great, and it’s come a long way since then. Yes it’s another rhythm game, but when they’re this cool there’s room for one more. Curiously it’s releasing into Early Access but apparently the game is done, all content is there, they’re just using the EA period to tweak some weapons and get feedback. That seems like the kind of thing you’d do after you release 1.0 so I hope they’re not just releasing it half-baked in the Christmas window. Surely not!

Oh yes, it’s PCVR-only for now.

EDIT. Aha! You see, it lied to me. It says releasing on the 16th when I post the link here. Anyway, two days from now. Relative timescales FTW.

Is this the right thread in which to ask for advice about buying an Oculus Quest 2? I tried the original Quest for 15 minutes and was impressed – and I didn’t get sick, which was a hopeful sign.

Can I start with the headset-only? $299 sounds okay for the lower-storage version; the 265GB option is an extra $100 on Amazon. Is it essential?

Also, what are the must-have games? Tom’s Hardware seems to like Beat Sabre, Vader Immortal, Tetris Effect. Do I need to buy many games to get the family (wife, 2 adult kids) enjoying this thing on Christmas Day? I’m trying to avoid breaking the bank here.



Thanks. That one game, plus some apps, might entertain people for a bit, until we see whether we like it? Is there a second game you’d recommend?

Also, I assume Beat Saber is not bundled with the Quest, right?

Beat Saber is not bundled.

Other games I have loved thus far on the Quest:

Eleven Table Tennis
Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
The Climb 2

100% stick with the 128GB. The games are getting bigger lately, Medal of Honor is 40+ gigs, but the vast majority are still a few gigs at most. And it’s easy to uninstall/install games anyway.

My must haves are Beat Saber and Walkabout Mini Golf (even if you don’t care about golf). Eleven Table Tennis (but only if you like table tennis - it’s pretty much a sim). Probably Resident Evil 4 though I just started it so can only attest to a couple hours. Wander is great for older family members - you can let them see their childhood street in VR. It’s not a game, it’s a stripped down version of Google Earth Street View in VR.

Vader Immortal often goes on sale, but it’s extremely short, more of a theme park ride. If you want to save a bit you can only buy the 3rd episode. That episode has the best dojo, tons of replayability with different fights. But if it’s a sale in a bundle for all 3, go for the whole thing sure.

I saw you posting in the Gloomhaven thread so you might give Demeo a look. I might throw in Waltz of the Wizard if you can catch a sale. Mainly because it’s my favorite use of hand-tracking so far and so it feels a lot different than everything else, if you play it in hand tracking mode. It’s more of a demo than a game, though it does have some little dungeon sections that will take at least a few hours.

Be sure to use somebody’s Quest 2 referral code so you get an extra $60 in store credit if you activate it before 12/31. I posted instructions earlier in the thread but you can ignore the part of factory resetting if you are setting it up for the first time. Just be sure you click a referral link before setting up your headset, and make sure the link you clicked is in the right region (US, Europe, etc).

I concur with doing the referral for the free credit! I just did it despite already having mine for a few months and it worked perfectly.

There might be a larger Christmas sale starting soon, so don’t rush to buy stuff that isn’t on sale.

Along with Beat Saber, In Death and Pistol Whip are frequently mentioned as essential. And depending on your music tastes, you might look at some of the other music games. My family preferred Synth Riders to Beat Saber.

I noticed that there’s a bundle that says it’s restricted to people who did the referral program. It includes Demeo, Blaston, and Walkabout Mini Golf for $30, which seems like a great starter deal.

And here’s my referral code if you’re looking for one: Redeem your referral. Get Rewarded. | Oculus


Against is on EA now on Steam. It has a level editor + custom songs, which is promising.

Demeo has been mentioned a few times… I could be wrong, it seems multiplayer focused, and it looks to me a game best played with friends… randos are fine for minigolf but I wonder, for a tabletop kind of thing? … I could be wrong.

Note, you probably won’t ever be motion sick by the majority of games that don’t have free movement. You probably will need to build up a bit of resistance for games like fps shooters, and definately for the flight games… but you can push through it, I’m completely immune now, just be warned, it’s not a blanket thing.

I would definately wait for a sale on the SW:Vader bundle, it’s a great themed intro to VR, but it is very short… and it goes on sale all the time.

The most bang for buck on a budget I would suggest is: Walkabout Minigolf, Pistol Whip, Contractors. If you care at all about the themes, Thill of the Fight and Eleven are perfect at making you feel you’re doing the thing. My wife loves Beat Saber and SynthRiders, if you’re looking to please the family. For kids, the Job Simulator stuff is great, they just love grabbing stuff in VR.

These are the ones I’d probably recommend for starting out.

Waltz of the Wizard - I found this a great intro to VR, which gets you used to moving around, manipulating objects, and doing various mini games. The amount of content here is impressive, if you can find it all. Lots of puzzle solving and puzzle exploration. Also, there are a number of different movement and comfort options to play around with that are easy to change on the fly.

Beat Saber - I mean everyone should have this, it’s just made for VR, and it doubles as a good workout if you crank it up.

Pistol Whip - If you prefer shooting to “sabering”, I think this is even better. There’s a constant forward movement but I never had an issue when I was just starting out. Also a great workout if you crank it up.

Audica - My favourite rhythm shooting game is more abstract than Pistol Whip, but more technical.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter - Probably the best example of a VR environment puzzle game. Very easy to play and it has satisfying VR mechanics.

Walkabout Minigolf - This plays exactly as you would expect it to, so another good VR introduction.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Extremely cool VR mechanics, a fairly mild puzzle / adventure game that’s just a lot of fun.

Once you’re ready for more advanced stuff, I’d recommend any of these…

The Climb (1 and 2) - If you suffer from vertigo this will trigger it, badly. But it’s a great game.

Crashland - My favourite wave shooter expands the concept by giving you free run of a planet surface, assaulted from all sides by various aliens. It’s tough, scary, and immersive as heck. Constant movement is a must.

In Death: Unchained - Explore procedurally-generated otherwordly ramparts and castles, shooting at possessed fiends with your bow.

Lone Echo - This is on the Oculus Rift store, but you can play it over Link / Airlink. This was an early showcase and still impresses.

Demeo - Extremely good tabletop VR game, you can play solo but it’s at its best in multiplayer. Long gaming sessions (2 hrs plus). I’ve had good luck playing with randos, but ymmv.

Once you get into SteamVR with the Link cable or Virtual Desktop, there’ s a whole bunch of stuff out there, but the absolute must play is of course Half Life: Alyx. Which is odd because I haven’t played it yet despite owning it. :)

So I’ve been playing Against. It’s very good. I must say though, I really had to turn the graphics down to get decent performance out of it. It’s still in EA so perhaps they’ll optimise it further, but there was noticeable lag with the controls (which was not apparent in the demo). Once turned down to Medium it loses a little resolution, but plays much better. You can also turn the Noir mode on, which I find makes it easier to parse (as well as looking cooler). This is on my i7 laptop with a 3060 GPU. I played the demo on an i5 laptop with a 1060 GPU, so yeah.

As for the game, it’s not easy! My first go, I died within 5 seconds and hit the very bottom of the leaderboard! After a few more goes I got the hang of it, but it requires some precision timing. But once you get into the groove it’s a blast, and the movement makes it unique - you jump onto walls (with a swipe of your hands), and leap onto and down from buildings (which is a real stomach churner!), and have a selection of four weapons to use which adds variety. Like Pistol Whip, it succeeds in making you feel like a badass. Despite being in EA, the full campaign is here, it’s just lacking some final polish and a couple of extra weapons.