I would probably like it if I liked techno. :/

I’m about as far away from musically inclined as possible, but I thought it was frustrating. I kept getting the feeling there was something decent under the surface that just never made it to the top. I liked the manic-type arrangement from about 3:10 or so in and on, but before that it was chaotic and not very interesting, and not in the atonal, it grows on you later way that some stuff like this is.

Really despise the constant feedback character of all the instruments too. Just seems like overkill given the overall arrangement; too much of the same stuff. Would really have like to have heard a more melliflous opening, punctuated by a bit of sparse counterpoint, and segueing to the manic counterpoint toward the end. Also could’ve lived without the last 10 seconds. I still think there’s something pretty decent in amongst it though, especially toward the end.

(Oh, and if I misunderstood and it’s not actually your work, but just something you wanted to share that you found: Meh. And if it is your work and the above is disheartening, take refuge in the fact that I really like John Denver too, so how much could my opinion matter.)

Thanks for your thoughts! Excellent feedback. You’re right on the instrumentation; I really wish I could easily replace the lead voice, but circumstances make it difficult. The last ten seconds are necessary to complete the thought begun at the beginning, and indeed carried on throughout, but in many different guises.

I intend for the song to be disturbing and unsettling, seeming to resolve when the knight in shining armor rides in on his white charger, until you hit the end where…

The song begins with a girl falling asleep. She then has three nightmares. The first, she is trying to scream for help, but can’t speak. The second, she is trapped in the web of a giant spider. The third, she is racing from demons chasing her from behind. Her true love rescues her, and she is at peace…except she is still dreaming. And she does not wake up.

There’s more that I could tell, but it’s past my bedtime…