Wal-Mart Deals!

I just got back from Wal-Mart. I almost never go in there but had to get some juice for the kids.

They’ve got a pile of stuff they just put on clearance. PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC…you name it. I got Soldier of Fortune II for $10.00, Grand Prix 4 for $2.50, Amplitude $10.00, Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner for $10.00, Wipeout Fusion $10.00 and there were other things I left there that I probably should’ve bought…

Dungeon Siege, Elite Force II, UT2003, Sims Deluxe…on PC for $10.00 each. For $2.50…Shogun, Black & White, Earth & Beyond and a few others.

For Xbox there were tons of games but I didn’t really look at what was there. PS2 stuff was becoming picked out. I remember seeing Hot Shots Golf 3 and something else that was a decent Greatest Hits title for $10.00. Smuggler’s Run Warzone for Cube was $10.00. Also, in the case they had Mark of Kri, Wild Arms 3 and something else decent for $15.00.

There were a lot of clearance priced games. Definitely worth a run to the Wal-Mart. They’re making room for Christmas.


I was there last night and it looked like to me they were gearing up for a sale. I’ll have to make an effort to swing buy Elite Force II sounds might tempting at $10

Zone of Ender: 2nd Runner for $10? Damn, off to Walmart!

Amplitude rocks the house. Holy crap this is an amazing music game!


Edit: I know Cathcart is going to call me an idiot for not playing this game sooner…

Hrm… Joaen just started working there a few weeks ago… 10% discount on top of that… tasty.

Employees only get 10% off? SMF… Is that just for games? I work in retail clothing and I get 50% off! Maybe 10% off isn’t so strange, I had a sister who worked at a grocery store and they only got any kind of discount during their shift. Guess it depends on the margins of the product, and the potential for abuse (like taking a pt job to save hundreds on groceries).

For ten dollars that’s the best purchase you’ve made all year. Hell, even for fifty it’s still in my top five of 2003. Practice up, when you can handle the second half of brutal mode we’ll play online :D

$6 an hour to start, 10% off all purchases. Considering local tax is about 8%, it pretty much just covers the state’s part.

I make $22.50 and we “get by” on that with about $400 a month after the bills are paid. I can only imagine if someone had to live on 1/4 of that. Hell, the way things look at the post office, right after Christmas we might have to. Hello outsourced administrators!

Walmart at 10% is pretty good considering that it really is 10% off everything. How many dress shirts do you need? The 50% is nice, but you can’t use it as often as a Walmart employee does.

As a Wal-Mart related aside, Dr. Thunder is the best soft drink in the world.

Really? I thought it was Doc Shasta!

$10 for Amplitude? I think I can break my self-imposed boycott of Wal-Mart JUST this once. ;)

Walmart video game CD’s are made from the bones of abortion babies.
Their DVD selections are hewn with the souls of the damned.

Come on guys, I can understand shopping at Walmart if you’re not making much money and saving a few nickels here and there on every food and produce item means that your family can actually eat that week, but supporting their sheer oozing evil by buying luxury products there just seems so…wrong.

You and me both buddy. I never go there. I went on a lark because I’ve seen them mark stuff down like this before and the last time I was there (about two months ago) I thought they had a lot of overstock. Talk about luck!

I really hate feeding their machine, but I had to make the exception this time.


Death to Walmart.

Wait, did you say Zone of the Enders for $10?

Since I’m a St. Louis Rams fan, St. Louis Blues fan, and a die-hard Missouri Tigers Basketball fanboi, I’m already deeply saturated by this curs-ed blood, so I guess I can shop there without many more worries.

Thanks for the “reach extends my grasp by nearly double” moment, Mr. Gillette.

paid a visit to my local hellspawn store (aka walmart), and unfortunately, didn’t see jack crap for $10 aside from the cheesy-assed junk they normally sell for $10. pretty much a wasted trip, ho hum.

i did get to play F-ZeroGX though, so that was almost worth the trip. would have bought a cube+F-Zero, 'cept they didn’t have any copies of the damn game.

Me too. I checked a couple of local Wal-Marts and found nothing. I think this a regional thing, or perhaps individual stores are overstocked. Oh well.

Sorry guys. Seemed like it wasn’t just the store near me. Still, keep your eyes open. Maybe your stores will do it at a later date. You might just have to stumble onto it like I did.


As of 1:30 a.m. this morning, it’s a no go at the Hurstborne Lane Walmart here in Louisville. However, they do have several shelve’s worth of older Xbox/PS2/Cube titles that are laying flat (which I guess means they go for cheap), but none of them caught my eye.