Wanderlust: Rebirth 4-Player co-op ARPG with olds school console RPG feel

I couldn’t find a thread for this, but it was released about a year ago and received relatively favorable reviews from the Indie game sites and now it is showing up on Steam: Wanderlust: Rebirth. No demo, but the developer site has a Trial version.

Struggling through the iOS 4P co-op turn based RPG Pocket heroes has made me think I might want to try it. Has anyone played it?

Looks fun, actually, and has single player modes too. Yay!

I tried the single player version and it kept saying “Press ‘E’” for the next hint in the little tutorial. However, sometimes I would have to press “E” two or three times and a hint would never actually pop up. So I quit out of it and played more Ascension. Maybe later.