Wanted: Dead - Devil May Gaiden Lollipop

We don’t have a thread for this yet?

Was wondering about this one - I came across this review yesterday and it was the first I was hearing about it. It’s obviously nuts, but is it nuts in a good way or a bad way?

First thought when watching the trailer: what’s up with the voice acting? Sometimes she nails it, sometimes she’s inappropriately unconcerned or lethargic.

Errr…ummmmmm. I’m confused…what rules are being broken exactly? Looks like a bog standard vigilante shooter with crap dialogue and voice acting.

I love that they picked that thumbnail for their trailer. Yeah, it’s a game about a lady and her cat…

This cat knows some things.

I particularly enjoyed the opening and closing of the review:

Wanted: Dead’s marketing materials describe it as a “love letter to the sixth generation of consoles”, aka PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. It’s the work of veterans from that period - developer Soleil was founded by Tecmo alumnus Takayuki Kikuchi, whose credits include the first Ninja Gaiden. The funny thing about loving something is that it can go hand-in-hand with extensive and lingering dislike, and I do not like a lot of Wanted: Dead.

Again, I do have a sneaking affection for Wanted even at its worst, inasmuch as it channels that long-forgotten, early-noughties spirit of abject chaos. At a time when all games above a certain budget threshold seem to have congealed into a single, insufferably complete and glossy open world action-RPG with service-game elements, it’s bracing to dip into one that’s more like a box of malfunctioning toys at a car boot sale. I can’t in good conscience recommend the results, but there’s something at the heart of this rickety period pastiche that craves to be understood and acknowledged, if not celebrated.

I like how she’s doing MGS2 style CQC, only with a katana instead of a knife.

Valkyrie Elysium was fun, so I could definitely see myself enjoying this.

I get weird “Dead to Rights” vibes, which now that I think of it had an awful message… just the gameplay here.