Wanted: PSP Vita (OLED screen)

I’m really jonsing to play Tactics Ogre again, but I want to play it on the Vita and with the original OLED screen. I’m having a hard time finding anything outside of used/ebay type options, and man people want a lot for a dead system, especially given I only want to replay a single game.

Does anyone have, or know someone that has, an OLED Vita they wouldn’t mind parting with for a reasonable price?

If you only want to play one game, why worry about the OLED screen? You’ll pay a premium for that screen regardless.

Well, it’s the best looking and what I had before I sold mine so I don’t want to replay on a slightly worse screen than the last time I played it. I suppose I’m not really married to the OLED screen, but I’d definitely prefer it.

I guess I could try emulating it, but … I’d rather not if I can avoid it.

How about the PSTV?

Interesting. I didn’t know anything about this (or I’d completely forgotten). $60 on Amazon. But my concern would be how does it look? Wouldn’t the games be pretty pixelated stretched on a TV screen?

Anyone have any PSTV opinions/thoughts?

I’ve got one Scott, that’s hardly used, OLED screen. I can box it back up and send it, along with my original 4GB little memory card and a 32 GB memory card I got. We’ll just have to discuss what is a reasonable price.

The native Vita games look pretty good (latest Shiren for example). But maybe you’re right about old PSP games!

don’t waste your time on the pstv. coming from someone who collects accessories for every console and even imported a 64gb sony memory stick for the ps vita.

Yeah, I read some reviews on Amazon and it sounds like Vita games look great, but PSP games don’t look as good due to upscaling issues.

@Rock8man I just came here to mention I found one on ebay with an 8gb card, original OLED, and the charger and box for $130+$10 shipping, so I bit down on it. Hopefully it’s in good shape, I’d have much rather bought it from you. The seller has really good feedback so it’s… probably okay?

Can the Vita be rooted and other stuff installed on it? Can it run emulators and so on?

Yeah, there are a lot of them that are being sold on ebay for like $200+ and billed as “pre jail broke, 200+ games installed!” and the like. It’s been some times since I was in the Vita scene, I did jail break mine at on point to play downloaded .iso games I couldn’t purchase though and it was really easy to do. I eventually restored it back because one of the newer (the last?) firmware updates broke jail-breaking, but then I think I read the community got around that as well.

You can do a LOT with a jail broken Vita, which is part of why they are so hard to find when you just want to play one damned game. ;)

You have to have a Vita with one specific version (e.g. not the latest), so if you are lucky. Or you can swap out the motherboard with an after market one but, that’s a bit extreme.