Warhammer 40,000 Action-RPG

Hmmm you should have put something about DLC (on disk) that improves the empathybar. Also, you need to use term “cinematic” much more.

Damn! I knew I missed something.

Yay space sim! Boo HW3 not RTS! I’m so confused.

They’re a cool faction, I do not dispute that in the least. But surely we could have, you know, one or two games that aren’t Space Marine-centric? :P

Play Orks? Only Final Liberation, and I think the campaign there is still Space Marines. But we’ve certainly -fought- Orks with Space Marines before. Lots.

Yeah, you could only do orks in Final Liberation in a skirmish.

We did, as you already noted. You just didn’t like them.

Actually, I rather like Rites of War, but it’s not really a 40K game in any meaningful sense. And that…other thing… should be burned. Cleansed with fire.

Actually, I thought I remembered that Gorkamorka was a videogame, but when I looked it up, it turns out it was planned for the dreamcast ans was scrapped when that system died. Apparently there are old screenshots/videos around if you dig.

I actually played all the way through Fire Warrior. It doesn’t really get any better. Their interpretation of Space Marines as lumbering behemoths was kind of interesting.

I think one would have to say Dark Crusade is the best 40k game without a Space Marine focus.

Dark Crusade is an expansion to a game that started with a Space Marine focus.

I wonder if it’s going to feature any more shitty dynamic difficulty and puzzle mission design.

To a Tau, which are more slight of build than normal humans, that’s probably how they would view them. Fire Warrior’s authenticity issues are more about the power of the weaponry. Pulse rifles are better than bolters in every way in tabletop, but in the Fire Warrior FPS, the bolter is the first genuinely good weapon you get.

It’s a standalone. I think it counts!

Is this the correct thread? Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine demo is available now(PC, PS3, 360).
I know nothing of this franchise/universe but I do know the demo is damn fun. And the aiming is so easy and natural, I wish even 10% of other games were as good.

4 player campaign co-op! I am excited.

edit: I guess this isn’t the correct thread. Is this the one?

That is the correct one.

I am afraid to ask what game is this thread for. Kill Team?

This thread was for Space Marine when it was first announced, and had RPG elements. The game’s changed since then.

I don’t know enough about Warhammer or 40,000 to choose a thread, but I see Neocore (of King Arthur and Van Helsing) are doing an ARPG in this setting…


I’m pretty excited for this, having enjoyed the various Dan Abnett W40K Eisenhorn and Ravenor Inquisitor books.

Pogue Mahone started a thread for the new game here: