Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

OH sir have you tried the assassin with the shotgun? It is a pure delight.

oh it’s definitely fun. Lots of builds are fun, and even viable. However they don’t compare to the sheer power/numbers that Heat offers. There are not enough passives to stack to get the same levels of power.

So guys, for the first time I’m really getting into psalm doctrines, and some are amazing. This one helped me beat a level 10 above mine yesterday.

This one, which I applied today, is not only a joy to watch the burn effect ripple through enemies, but also helped me beat an 11+ mission today:

So. Fun.

Okay this is terrific:

Heh. Yeah, pretty good there.

So you guys, I’ve gotten my Sororitas to level 82. I’ve not gotten any character to level 82. I think they made the perfect character and weapon for me, personally. I just can’t get enough of that Fire Blast.

Nice! I just got back into the game and finished the main quest with my first character, a Tech Adept. Finished at around level 50. This is such a great game.

Toying with buying the DLC to get the Sororitas but I will probably put the game down after a bit and pick it back up when thee DLC is on sale.

So if I wanted to try this out (probably next time it’s on a deep discount), what’s the thing to buy? There’s so much DLC for this it’s a bit intimidating.

When DLCs vary from little $1.99 things to full expansion packs, the Steam UI sure does get messy. I wish DLCs were tagged and categorized by the developer and the Steam store page would list them as such. It would be nice at a glance to see what add major mechanics like a new class, what might just be cosmetic fluff, and what might be other content (new maps, missions, story, whatever). After reading your comment I took a look at the Steam page and yeah, it’s a mess!

Not that it’s unique to this game of course. Looking at the store page for a Paradox game that’s been out for a long time has the same problem. And worst of all are those games that sell a ton of individual $0.99 cosmetic DLCs through Steam and there’s like a hundred of them.

Wait for the complete collection on sale. It goes as low as $15.

So I played this with a gamepad for the first time since beta today (to test something) and my god the gamepad support has really improved since then. I did a 10+ level void crusade mission with no issues. So fun. Might stick with the gamepad from now on.

It seems a lot better than I would have expected, but I find myself missing the precision of M&K.

The problem I’m having is that the weapon I’m using, Hand Flamer and Rod, isn’t as precise as I’d like. For some reason, it randomly only shoots at half range. It’s like some invisible terrain stops it, so as of right now, for me it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Fanatical currently has a coupon for 15%, so you can pickup Sororitas for $12.74. Thread has convinced me to dive back in.

OH yay!!!

When using a controller, it only goes full range if there is a target to hit. If you aren’t pointed at an enemy it won’t shoot very far.

No even when there is an enemy target to hit, Fire Blast oftentimes only goes partway, like some invisible terrain is blocking it. This happens both on mouse/keyboard and gamepad.

Why did I sleep on this game for so long? It’s incredible. I have tried four different builds and settled on a Psyker guy. I’ll probably pick up the DLC after I get a lot farther into the game. The passive upgrade system is confusing. I’m not all that familiar with WH40K, so maybe that’s the problem. Other than that, this game rocks.

I’ve installed/uninstalled this game several times over the last couple of years. And after burning out on Grim Dawn after a ton of hours, and with Diablo 4 still in the distance, I’ve installed it yet again.

Why? Oh, well someone here who will not be named (let’s call him Ryan Boobin), seems to be having such a blast with it! I want to have that much fun, too!!!

Maybe it will stick this time.

Im about to finish the season, glad to hear you’re enjoying it. If you have any questions, let me know. I don’t have a ton of experience with the Psyker though.

I hope to too. For me it was finding the class and weapon that clicked with me. First it was the assassin and the shotgun, then it was the sister and the hand flamer and rod.