Watch Dogs 2 - Ubisoft's other open world IP returns

I reinstalled it as well.

I haven’t reinstalled, but if it’s any consolation, this thread made me consider it! If only @138 had pushed just a little harder, or maybe posted some cool screenshots or something.

I’ll re-install it, but I have to play Diablo IV first. Sorry Watch_Dogs_2. Gordon_Bleu’s description of climbing the Golden Gate bridge and the view being spectacular is better than any screenshot!

Haha! I’ll see what I can do! I turned off the sharing feature on XSX because I kept accidentally hitting the button when I first got the console. I had a ton of worthless screenshots taken at the most random times.

I reinstalled too, dangit.

I reinstalled, started a new game, and then pretty quickly uninstalled. I do like the open world, but I don’t think I can abide the Dedsec kiddie crew. :)

But I can definitely see the appeal of jumping into an open-world where shooting or slashing things isn’t your primary mode of interaction. And I would still welcome any cool screenshots!

A few quickies from atop the Golden Gate Bridge when I got home from work today.

not the most imaginative, I know. More to follow as I progress in the game.

Runs pretty decent on my Steam Deck but the menu text is all garbled.

What I love about that picture is knowing you can run around among all those skyscrapers in the background, that they’re not just background artwork, that there’s stuff to do down in there. There’s gameplay in that scenery!

My infiltration of New Dawn Temple did not go as planned, but I was able to run and hide and taze my way through the situation. That was a tough nut to crack, which I ended up just sledgehammering by mistake. But I still got the goods. Is there a replay mission option? I’d love to try that one again if it wouldn’t fuck up my progress.

A little virtual tourism today to Alcatraz.

and I had to go back there to pick up some key data, so here’s a night shot.

I have all the Watch Dogs games from various fire sales. If I only played one of Watch Dogs, which should I play?

I reckon this one, based on what I’ve read of the other two.

Agreed. I never finished WD1, but I did finish Legion. WD2 is better than either.

Great. Thanks!

Today’s misadventure:

Needed to hack a thing in a penthouse. Got up to the roof via construction crane, scouted around, downloaded the data, got spotted, and killed.

Next time, I stay on the crane suspended over the penthouse and send the remote car thingy inside. This is perfect because I’m still in range to download the data, but nobody can see me. Got the data, lose control of the crane while escaping, and smash Marcus against a building.

Tomorrow I’ll get it.

Mission accomplished. One thing I love about this game is that if you get in and out clean, you’re clean. There’s no, “Hey Markus, you tripped an alarm on your way out and now you have to lose 5 groups of dudes in cars chasing you.” My last 2 missions were totally-mostly drone-completed and I just sauntered away when they got me the goods.