Watch Dogs Legion - It's London baby!

Camden Market was well done, I recognised not just the main areas but even the inside of the Stables. London would have to lose millions of people to ever be that empty mind you.

Well, the rate at which they are seemingly killed off in the game, that sounds doable!

Seeing its been 6 years since GTA5 and GTA6 is still nowhere to be seen, this might fill that spot quite nicely.

Techradar digs into the trailer to try to work out how accurate/large the map is. The most speculative bit is the preliminary assumption that this bus map represents the actual game map:

That translates, so they say to this:

Which would be considerably bigger than AC: Syndicate’s map, though annoyingly, stopping just short of my flat. It does generally seem to fit with what’s shown in the trailer, but it can’t be just that, though, as it cuts off short off Camden (Market, anyway). That may be accounted for by compression of course.

<3 Alan!

That looks pretty good. I am just glad Clint Hocking is shipping again.

Love the concept of building your own team. I can’t wait to play this.

The new trailer seems consistent with the hypothesised map above. A few new locations within the boundaries, nothing obviously outside it. Nothing particularly west. Among others I saw the Tate Modern/Millennium Bridge, Battersea Power Station, City Hall/More London, The Shard, The Walkie Talkie, Somerset House(?), Chinatown, Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square, and what I presume is either Green Park or Hyde Park.

RPS on the accuracy (based on a hands-on, not the trailer). Sounds encouraging.

RPS seem not to know that Ubisoft have recently built NY, DC, Paris, London (!) and indeed Bolivia, on top of all that Renaissance stuff earlier. Seems like pretty obvious context for an article like that.

Not really, the question is how accurate the London map in the current game is. I suppose Syndicate might be useful context, but it wasn’t set in the present day, so it’s not a direct comparison.

The Bolivia in Wildlands is a fantasy world, having very few recognizable landmarks. It’s more of a “feeling” of a generic South America you’d see on a mid-budget TV series.

The less said about the original Watchdog’s Chicago, the better.

Delayed to sometime next Ubisoft fiscal year (April 2020 to March 2021) per investor call announcement.

Primarily due to underperformance of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

I am ok with this, as I am only 58% into Watchdogs 2.

Q1 2020 is starting to thin out a bit.

I bet we’ll see a bit more of this - publishers getting cold feet and clearing the decks around Cyberpunk.

Did these games actually do really well? I don’t recall the sequel becoming a big deal the year it was released - seems there were lots of other games taking the spotlight.

I still don’t understand why they’re tying the delay of these other games to the underperformance of GR: Breakpoint. They must have some indication that these games would not be that well received in their current states through testing or feedback. Maybe it’s internal feedback they ignored for Breakpoint, so now they’re not going to ignore it for these other games.

It’s likely a bit of that and the need to shift resources to get Breakpoint “fixed” and out of the red.

Ah ok. That makes sense actually.

Remember how big companies work. No one wants to tell the big boss that the game they have sunk umpteen dollars in during development is not going to be well received. Even if someone low down on the totem pole says “guys, I think this has some problems that our Ghost Recon fans are not going to like.”