Watch for new shops in Azeroth

Title Watch for new shops in Azeroth
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 5, 2013

Blizzard is experimenting with an in-game transaction store for World of Warcraft. The Enduring Elixr of Wisdom, a consumable potion to double XP, has appeared in the public test server with the note "In Game Store..

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Yep, the subscription model is officially on the endangered species list. I also suspect the rumors that Titan's reversal was over business model more than anything else gained a bit of credibility with this news nugget.

And, poor Nick. No four day weekend for Qt3 staff? You need to organize. Maybe you should gather up all the staff and start a rally in the break room and march, flaming pitch forks in hand, down the Qt3 halls to the Mr. Chick's office to demand more paid time off. :) I kid, I kid, great job on the front page